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Philly2Philly.com-Week 4 NFL Picks


NFL Picks – Week 4

Ok, so it seems every website on God green’s Internet does their weekly NFL picks. So we figured, hey, why can’t we?

So, starting with this coming week, myself along with my esteemed colleague Dennis Bakay, will make our selections on all the NFL games. Please note, neither Dennis nor I are professional handicappers so if you choose to follow our advice, you do so at your own risk and quite frankly, you may need to seek immediately psychiatric care.

All lines are from Danny Sheridan in the USA Today.

Raiders (+9) @ Texans

If not for the Browns, Bucs, Chiefs and Rams, the Silver & Black would be up for the crown of most-laughable NFL team.

SO’s pick: Texans

DB’s pick: Texans

Titans (-3) @ Jags

Man do I feel sorry for those “experts” who picked the Titans to go far, like say the Super Bowl. Oh wait, that was me. Told you… seek immediate psychiatric care if you choose to follow me.

SO’s pick: Titans

DB’s pick: Titans

Ravens (+2) @ Patriots

Usually a home game is worth at least 3 points… hmmm….

SO’s pick: Ravens

DB’s pick: Ravens

Bengals (-6) @ Browns

There is no truth to the rumor that Eric Mangini has called Brian Sipe in for a workout. However, Vinny Testaverde is still available. Double hmmm…

SO’s pick: Bengals

DB’s pick: Bengals

Giants (-8.5) @ Chiefs

Call me crazy. You won’t be the last. But I got a feeling that the Arrowheads are going to make this a game.

SO’s pick: Chiefs

DB’s pick: Giants

Lions (+10) @ Bears

I have never been nor ever will be a Jay Cutler fan. I think it’s his whiny nature. But the Lions, despite the euphoria that can only come from winning, and who would know it better than the Lions, won’t be able to stop Matt Forte, who finally gets it in gear.

SO’s pick: Bears

DB’s pick: Bears

Bucs (+7.5) @ Redskins

I refuse to comment on this game on the grounds that it may cause me to run screaming down the halls… again.

SO’s pick: Bucs

DB’s pick: Redskins

Jets (+7) @ Saints

You know the expression, “the line is telling you something?” Well, this one surely is. Why would the Jets, with their sack-happy, Tom-Brady-beat down defense and their poster boy QB be such a prohibitive underdog? Triple hmmm….

SO’s pick: Saints

DB’s pick: Jets

Bills (+1.5)  @ Dolphins

One Chad leaves, another takes his place. Interesting… Wonder if this Chad does not perform well and is sacked a lot and takes a beating if the headline in the Miami Herald would be “Hanging Chad”?? Ouch, that was bad. I apologize for that.

SO’s pick: Dolphins

DB’s pick: Bills

Rams (+9.5) @ Niners

“Hi Andy, this is your old pal Steve Spagnuolo. Yeah, how much you want for Vick?”

SO’s pick: Niners

DB’s pick: Niners

Cowboys (-3) @ Broncos

Call me crazy, Part II… Broncos win the game outright.

SO’s pick: Broncos

DB’s pick: Cowboys

Chargers (+6) @ Steelers

The Steelers need to right the ship and it starts on Sunday.

SO’s pick: Steelers

DB’s pick: Steelers

Packers (+3.5) @ Vikings

Won’t have quite the same allure and electricity as when the Vikes visit Lambeau later in the year but… it’s still Favre against the Packers. #4 will come out firing and slinging…

SO’s pick: Vikings

DB’s pick: Vikings