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Despite Chicago losing bid for 2016 Olympics, should Philadelphia push for 2020 Olympics?


We all know that in the past few days President Obama has been making a big push for Chicago to host the Olympics in 2016.  

Just a few years ago Mayor John Street put Philadelphia's name in the ring, but there wasn't an iota of a chance of that becoming a reality.  Even today if Philadelphia were to make a push they wouldn't get it.

Now, it will be a different story when Union Field, the long-awaited soccer stadium is completed in Chester.  Some theorize that the underlining purpose of this stadium is to serve as one of the venues for the Olympics, if Philadelphia were to be chosen as a host of the summer games.

Despite all the controversy surrounding the soccer stadium, this could turn out to be a boon to the economy of Chester.  

Sure it's a headache for locals when your city becomes the chosen one, but you cannot deny the excitement that it creates and how much business it brings in.  

Not to mention, it's possibly the highest honor for a city to be chosen as host of the summer or winter Olympics.  

Right now the city of Philadelphia isn't ready to serve as a host.  While Union Field may serve as a viable venue, that is in Chester.  Philadelphia is another animal, and it's cumbersome network of roads are anything but ideal to handle an influx of thousands of people.  

The current venues in the Stadium Complex of South Philadelphia would be ideal for Olympic events, but there is simply not enough hotel space to handle the onslaught of athletes from around the world.  At least not yet.

The much anticipated Philly Live! project, which will feature bars, shops, restaurants, and a 300-room hotel, could play a significant role in making another push in say 2020 and perhaps the Olympics will finally come to the City of Brotherly Love.

And, that would bring much-needed positive publicity to a city which is sorely in need of it these days.