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NFL Power Rankings Week 7


1. Saints (2). The Bayou Boys have a spiffy defense to go with that shiny offense.

2. Vikings (3). To whatever that kicker's name is for the Ravens (doesn't matter)... "Son, you cannot miss that kick. End of story."

3. Colts (4). Bye week, they move up a slot. End of story.

4. Broncos (5). The Broncos are 6-0 and the Titans are 0-6. I got nothing else to say.

5. Falcons (6). They had no business winning this game but win they did. They found a way to win despite not playing their best. Wow, wish that mantra applied to a certain other "bird-brained" team.

6. Steelers (9). Always good to win a divisional game.

7. Patriots. (10). Does the term "running up the score" ring a bell?

8. Giants (1). Fall 7 spots in one week. Not easy to do.

9. Bengals (8). Despite the loss to the Texans, these cats are still a pretty good team.

10. Eagles (7). I will chalk this up as an aberration and leave it at that. Now, if they lose to the Skins, all bets are off.

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