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Phillies return to the World Series in Game Five victory over Dodgers


This city has been getting ready to boil over since Jimmy Rollins found the gap in the ninth inning Monday night, and Wednesday couldn't come fast enough. The weather tonight was a gift this late in October, and the fans and the Phillies were ready to play. With this the 29th Anniversary of the Phillies first World Championship, it was in the air- tonight was their night.  To start the game, the Dodgers capitalized on Hamels getting rattled on a potential called third strike call to take a one run lead on Andre Ethier's homer. Then, they showed that they have no interest in pitching to NLCS MVP Ryan Howard with men on base and put him on to face Jayson Werth, who promptly crushed one into right field to give the Phillies a 3-1 lead.

The Dodgers would then turn around, chip away, and get one of those runs back in a situation that you would like to see Hamels go 1-2-3. But in the bottom of the following inning, Pedro Feliz crushed the first pitch sending it deep into the October night. This effectively got that run back for the Phillies and took some pressure off of Hamels as well.

At this point, we were starting to see the Padlilla of old and he began to come apart at the seams. After Ibanez got a clutch double to center and scored Werth to bring the score to 5-2,  the Dodgers went to that amazing bullpen we had to hear about all series, and promptly continued to fall apart. Troncoso failed to stop the bleeding, then George Sherrill proceeded to get the bases loaded and then hit Shane Victorino on a full count to walk another run in. Sherrill then managed to finally stop the bleeding as he pounded the outside corner for a called third strike against Chase Utley to end the inning.

At this point, the question was how would the long wait in the dugout effect Cole as he came out for the fifth inning. And it quickly become apparent that it did effect him and the Dodgers were able to claw back a run. Manuel then went to J.A. Happ, who lately has forgotten how to throw strikes somewhere between the pitching mound and the bullpen. He managed to get one out before being pulled for Chad Durbin with 2 outs and 2 men on to face Manny. Durbin pounded on Manny and ended the inning, getting the team out of a potantially disastrous situation.

After Rollins got plunked in the home sixth, Victorino then crushed one high, deep, and gone. I'm not sure if it has even landed yet. How someone that small has that much power is beyond me, but nonetheless he crushed it. We all love that pest and are glad that he is on our team. The mixture of speed that Rollins and Victorino bring to the base paths are a distraction to the pitchers. That may haveI had a lot to do with that ball that Vic hit. Nobody is sure . As the inning ended, the Phils were now up 8-3 and the stadium was buzzing with anticipation. Nine more outs stood between the Phillies and destiny.

The seventh started with Chan Ho Park on the mound and he continued with what Durbin started. Park dominated any Dodger batter that came to the plate. With another 1-2-3 inning, Phillies fans are being vindicated inning after inning as our bullpen is dominant, while the Dodgers and that vaunted bullpen fail to keep the game close. It is almost as if the defending champions were never given the respect they deserved. In the bottom of the 7th Werth pounded another nail into the coffin of the myth of the Dodger bullpen and the game was now 9-3 and slowly venturing into "out of reach territory."

And at this point that thought starts to creep into your head. The Philadelphia Phillies are about to win back to back National League Pennants. That was something that in my wildest dreams never thought I would live to see. But it is becoming a reality. The Phillies are becoming a dominant team, but enough of that for now, lets get back to the game. In the eighth inning, Mauel turned to Ryan Madson to get the team out of this jam. Madson allowed a bloop single for a run. But then sawed off Russell Nathan Jeanson Coltrane Martin, Jr (really…you need three names for a middle name?) for the second out and got a weak ground out to end the inning.

In the bottom of the eighth the "incredible" Dodgers pen needed six pitchers beyond Padilla to keep it a five-run game. Victorino barely missed his second home run. And even though the Phils scored on a wild pitch, the RBI streak that Ryan Howard was on came to an end. In the nine games the Phillies have played they have scored 55 runs. Bring on on the AL- we are the "Little Red Machine!"

With three outs remaining, the Phillies turned to Brad Lidge for a repeat of last seasons magic. In the ninth, Lidge showed that his slider is back and is as filthy as ever, and before you knew it, the city was in a frenzy.  With that the Philadelphia Phillies have won back to back pennants….

Hard to believe Harry

For photos of the clincher, go to http://www.philly2philly.com/culture/lens


photo: http://www.kyw1060.com/-font-color---red--Phillies-Return-to-World-Series/5495309