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Will Sixers Preseason Success Carry Over to the regular season?


Nothing But Net logo- designed by Matt SchetterIn the midst of the Phillies going to their second straight World Series and the Eagles LOSING to the Oakland Raiders – the city’s red-headed sports team, the Sixers, have been flying under the radar as they currently hold a 5-2 record in preseason. They started at 4-0 which is the best preseason start for the club in the past 30 years or so. We are seeing solid progress as Eddie Jordan begins to utilize a healthy Elton Brand into the team mix. I believe that this preseason has played a very important role in preparing the 76ers for this very questionable 2010 season. Andre Iguodala is sharpening his offensive weapons on the court as Thaddeus Young and Maurice Speights continue to develop as a powerful force at both ends of the court.

But the question still remains; Will the Sixers ultimately be ready for the season come October 28th as they tip off against the Orlando Magic? All of the starting players have been putting in more than solid minutes every game which is not usually the case for preseason basketball. While other teams around the league rest their starters, the Sixers have to play theirs in order to develop a nice rhythm and chemistry going into the season. It’s the first time this starting 5 will be playing together since Brand’s injury just 29 games into last season. That’s a long time ago, kids.

So the fact that the Sixers are able to cruise through some of these easy preseason wins is to be expected, since they are playing against guys that are still fighting for a roster spot.

On the other hand, you could look at the increased minutes of the Sixers starters as a clever marketing strategy by the Sixers front office. With all the recent success of the Flyers and Phillies, the Sixers could be purposely getting these easy wins to create a nice little buzz for themselves before the season begins. That may result in a boost in ticket sales for the first half of the season.

My 2010 prediction? I’d like to think that the 76ers are creating a nice young nucleus of energy that will fuel their fire for the 2010 season. There is no reason why they will not be in playoff contention again this year. The Eastern Divison is looking just as pathetic as it did in years past. I also foresee a lot of fun, high paced basketball to be on display at the Wachovia Center this year. Preseason has been treating our Sixers squad well so far. Lets hope it is a sign of great things to come. Playoffs or no playoffs, if you’re a b-ball fan, I’m willing to bet this year’s squad will be entertaining night in and night out.