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Frank LeMaster on loss to Raiders and game vs. Redskins


Eagles Embarrassed by Raiders… Why?

Are you ready for some football? Nope, not in Philadelphia, anyway. Winning has a way of building confidence and maturity but losing always Former Eagles Linebacker Frank LeMastercreates more questions than answers with all of us asking “Why?”

Why did the Eagles head coach Andy Reid choose to only run the ball only 20% of the time against a Raiders defense which was rated 31st in the NFL against the run?

Why substitute for Brian Westbrook in the 2nd half when had several big runs averaging over 8 yards a carry with his ankle looking better and better?

Why did David Akers miss 2 field goals at distances that would have been considered easy chip shots for him in the past?

Why was McNabb throwing long balls when receivers were covered all day long instead of throwing short to medium pass routes – especially when getting a heavy pass rush from the Raiders defense? Aren’t we supposed to be running the West Coast Offense?

Why did Coach Reid not call for more screens and halfback check downs to offset and slow down the very heavy pass rush?

Why did McNabb not know he had no timeouts left?

Why doesn’t Andy call more passing plays using a roving pocket so the defensive line does not know where McNabb will be? In the past some of McNabb’s best games  occurred when he was rolling out and pressuring the perimeter and spreading out the defense.

Why do the Eagles keep making costly penalties week after week?

The answer is very simple and so in your face: The Eagles need DISCIPLINE, FOCUS, and the coaches must use more COMMON SENSE. The Eagles easy schedule has allowed them to win each week despite unnecessary penalties, turnovers, mental mistakes. Now, the party is over and everyone is to blame starting with head coach Andy Reid.  Andy is a good CEO, has great organizational skills and a very good judge of talent, but his team lacks consistency, leadership, discipline and focus. The hard work for the coaching staff is to make sure these fundamentals of success are ingrained in each player every day on the practice field, locker, film and training room… because this is where a team develops a winning or losing chemistry.

The good news is the Eagles have a talented team that can compete for the NFC Championship this year but cannot afford to give anymore games away. Look for the Eagles to win big against the Washington Redskins this week as the demotion of Head Coach Jim Zorn and the meddling of the Redskin ownership has put the team in total disarray.

Eagles 31 Redskins 10