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The Eagles bring new "spoon" to the table with Will Witherspoon


One of the things we love about sports is that "sometimes", substance beats out image and in the rocky game of life, this is a rarity. Usually, when a guy is picked in the 6th round of the NFL draft, he can reflect on a nice college career and join the workforce. However, every once in a while we find a diamond in the rough and that diamond for the Philadelphia Eagles was Brandon Gibson.

Gibson was a 6th Round Draft choice out of Washington State Universirty and had a very nice career at WSU, along with some big moments in the PAC 10. A long shot to make the Eagles roster, Gibson showed signs of brilliance throughout the preseason and literally willed himself into the NFL. Gibson is a story of future promise and we in Philadelphia may regret the day we traded him but with a chance to make a playoff run, sometimes you have to do what is necessary to win and so we made a trade that may have profound ramifications for years to come and brought in a star Linebacker by the name of Will Witherspoon to help us combat a rash of injuries and a depleted defensive unit whom still have the potential to be a force this season.

With the NFL trading deadline and coming and going without much noise on Tuesday, rumors were the only thing that stood out from the crowd. The Bears did not get T.O. The Browns have not given up on Brady Quinn and the Patriots did not make yet another trade with the Oakland Raiders. With that being said, our Eagles traded the above-mentioned Brandon Gibson and a 2010 fifth-round pick for the Will Witherspoon who has been one of the few standouts in a difficult season for the St. Louis Rams.

In Witherspoon, the Eagles get a player with Super Bowl experience, a great deal of tenacity and a bonafide star. Since he roared as a Georgia Bulldog during his collegiate years, Witherspoon has always been a leader on and off of the field and he is just what the doctor ordered to compete with such explosive offenses like the Minnesota Vikings, New Orleans Saints and the New York Giants. And while “Spoon” is a star, the Rams only make this deal if they felt they were getting quality back in return. For obtaining a player such as Will Witherspoon, Eagles fans owe a debt of gratitude to Brandon Gibson because his work ethic and unknown playmaking ability made him a viable option for the Rams to move a player as talented as Witherspoon.

Years from now, Brandon Gibson may be a household name. He has the talent, the courage and the desire to go far in the NFL. As for the here and now, the Eagles needed a defensive leader to shore up the ship. Will Witherspoon will be that leader.

This is one of those rare NFL trades where both teams may win. Eagles fans can only hope our victory comes with Andy Reid hoisting that elusive Vince Lombardi Trophy. Will Witherspoon be our answer to the promised land? Only time will tell.