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The Morning After- Eagles (yawn) Defeat the Redskins


The Morning AfterGood morning campers,

Penning this on fumes at best so trust me, this version of the TMA will be brief…

Was hoping the Eagles would give me a nice birthday present and they did not disappoint. Of course it’s not really a gift when it’s a W against the Redskins, now is it?

It’s akin to receiving a re-gifted gift and to make matters worse, the re-gifted gift is in fact a gift that you gave in the first place.

As for the Fightin’s… I think this World Series will be a long, drawn out battle…much like Steve Phillips’ pending divorce. I like the Phils in 7. After celebrating on the field, they will then head en masse to the press box to give William C. Rhoden a big hug.

In case you missed it, Willie first wrote this piece, in which we wrote that for “the good of the game” baseball needed a Dodgers/Yankees World Series.

To his credit however, he wrote this article a little more than a week later, essentially singing the praises of the boys in the red pinstripes.

Something tells me Bill was moved to pen the latter piece after being deluged by irate Phils fans.

As for the Birds… full disclosure, I did not see the entire 1Q as I was running late from picking up my in-laws at the train station. What, like you’ve never spent your birthday doing the same thing?

In a span of just a few minutes, newly-acquired linebacker Will Witherspoon made more plays than Omar Gaither has since he’s been here. 

Of course W squared was doing it against Jason Campbell, so you know, there should be some kind of asterisk, right?

So let me get this straight…

The officials throw a flag on a kickoff in the 2Q. They mark off the penalty yardage, set the ball down in preparation for the first offensive play of the series… then suddenly realize they marked off the yardage on the wrong team.

Is there something in the water or air that is causing officials in every sport to make egregious and mind-boggling mistakes?

I’m not an expert on such matters but from where I sit it appears as if DeSean Jackson is a pretty good football player.

I know, I know… that’s some pretty strong words but hey, I’m a rebel.

Gotta feel for Jim Zorn don’t you? Dude signed up to be a coordinator and ends up as the head coach for Daniel Snyder’s Deadskins.

I don’t know, I feel for the guy…

Ok, I’m over it.

In case you’re up to date on all the Twitter Tweets in the Twitter-verse, seems as if Chiefs RB Larry Johnson is no fan of Chiefs coach Todd Haley.

"My father played for the coach from "rememeber the titans". Our coach played golf. My father played for redskins briefley. Our coach. Nuthn"

Apparently Larry missed a few spelling bees at PSU… it happens.

And apparently LJ doesn’t know much about Todd’s father, Dick Haley, who drafted Steelers legends like Jack Lambert, John Stallworth and Lynn Swann.

Not saying the game was less than riveting but I did click the ol’ clicker and caught some of the 11PM Seinfeld.

Kudos if you got the hint as to what episode it was based on “It’s go time.”

If you did not pick up on the hint, you are no Art Vandelay.

One word: Mandlebaum.

On Sunday the New York Jets crushed the Raiders 38-0. In doing so they passed the ball 15 times and ran 54 rushing plays averaging 5.9 yards per rushing play

One week ago, the Eagles lost to the Raiders 13-9. In doing so they passed the ball 46 times and ran 14 rushing plays averaging 4.8 yards per rushing play

Draw your own conclusions, kids.

It’s 11:42 PM. The Redskins just scored a meaningless touchdown with less than two minutes to play and Jon Gruden bellows:

“Maybe this will be a spark the Redskins offense needs.”

Jon, Jonny… Boobie… there’s a minute and thirty-eight seconds left there big fella. What spark could you possibly be referring to?

Forget it, I’m too tired to go off on anyone.

I’m out.