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Tim Tebow would soar with the Philadelphia Eagles


I know what you’re thinking.  We have enough quarterbacks in Philadelphia and Tim Tebow is not a prototypical type of QB so what is the point of the article?  Before you discard this piece and move on to the rest of the sports section take a minute from your day and lets examine why Tim Tebow would look great in an Eagles uniform and when I’m through, you can either label me an idiot (Which I’m sure may of you have already) or a genius (Which is highly unlikely but let’s give it a shot anyway).

Tim Tebow is without question the most historic college football player since Archie Griffin was running sideline to sideline in Columbus, Ohio in the 70’s.  Griffin is the only man who was won two Heisman Trophy’s but Tim Tebow may rival that feat this year if the voters select Tebow for the prestigious award as they did 2 seasons ago.

What you know.

In his three years at Florida, Tim Tebow has grown to be an icon.  He won a Heisman after his Sophomore season and more importantly, he led Florida to a National Championship last year while playing an integral part in another Florida championship his Freshman season.  So in 3 seasons, Tim Tebow has 2 National Championships, a Heisman Trophy and his team may have a chance for another title this year.

While he has been mired with accolades, Tebow has shown that he is not only a leader on the field but in the locker room and at the press podium.  A teary-eyed Tebow spoke last season after Florida’s only loss to Mississippi and blamed himself for the defeat and promised the world he would give everything he had to make certain Florida did not lose again in 2008 and he fulfilled that promise.  Recently, ESPN released a Tebow speech where he rallied his troops during halftime of last years National Championship game against Oklahoma and Florida dominated the second half to win the game.  Let’s face it, Tebow is a winner in the game of football but Tebow is also a winner in the game of life.

What you don’t know.

Tim Tebow has been a fighter and a giver his entire life.  You may know that his family members are Christian Missionaries and he was born in the Philippines while they were on a mission but you may not know that Tebow himself went to the Philippines during his Spring Breaks to treat needy people in Asia.  Imagine a good-looking Heisman Trophy Winning Quarterback who has won National Championships forgoing Spring Break and all of the temptations that come with it to treat needy people in a foreign land.  Tebow is a selfless individual and is unique in every fashion but the story gets even more interesting.

During his mother’s pregnancy, Tebow’s mother Pam suffered a life-threatening infection with a pathogenic amoeba.  As a fetus, Tebow suffered due to the amount of drugs that were needed to keep him alive and his mother was told by doctors to have an abortion to save her life but the Tebow’s, strong in their Christian faith did not have the procedure and Pam Tebow carried little Tim to term and both survived.  Tim Tebow has been a fighter and destined for greatness even before he was Tim Tebow.

Why would he fit in the Eagles System?

While the Tebow story is heartwarming, you probably want to know why he would be a good fit in Philly?  The answer is that the Birds have to look to the future and no one has a brighter future than Tim Tebow.

Currently, the Eagles have Donovan McNabb, Michael Vick and Kevin Kolb on their roster and just cut Jeff Garcia.  Clearly, there are a lot of QB’s in the City of Brotherly Love but Tebow is more than a Quarterback and could potentially change the franchise.

With the rib injury sustained by Donovan McNabb, Kevin Kolb has proven he was worth a second round pick and has caught the eye of teams around the league.  A team like Miami is scrapping to keep their season alive after starting 0-3 and dealing with the season-ending injury to their All-Pro QB Chad Pennington.  With the loss of Pennington, the Dolphins have 2nd year QB Chad Henne at the helm and may be better that a signal caller such as Kolb could resurrect their season.  To get Kolb, Miami may be willing to deal a couple of draft picks or even a first round choice for the rights to former University of Houston signal caller  whose stock has risen faster than an airplane leaving the Philadelphia airport.  Trading Kolb like Miami would be a way to go because that would be a strong return on the Eagles investment and then Donavan McNabb and Michael Vick would be entrenched into their roster spots.  At this point, Tebow would fit in perfectly and here’s why.

Donovan McNabb is the Birds Quarterback for the immediate future.  Behind McNabb is Michael Vick who is multi-talented and can be a dual threat but is not 22 anymore.  With the addition of Tebow, the Eagles could have three athletic QB’s who could be on the field at the same time creating constant nightmares for defensive coordinators across the NFL.

While Tebow is a great passer, he may be an even better runner.  The Eagles could utilize the West Coast Offense, the Spread (Tebow’s specialty) and the Wild Cat with Tim Tebow on the roster and this could make the Birds unstoppable.  While the current team would be an enigma to behold, the future would also look bright because the Eagles could employ the same method Florida did when they used Tebow in spot action as a Freshman only to watch him become the most dominant player in College Football as a Sophomore.  Tebow could learn from a future Hall of Famer like McNabb and create havoc with Vick and when it was his time to be under center.

Another reason why Tim Tebow is the right option is because of the publicity you would get.  For all of the heat the organization received for taking a chance on Michael Vick, that publicity would come back 10-fold in a positive way for taking Tim Tebow.

In the end, the Eagles would have three stud-QB’s, be loaded with draft picks after the trade of Kolb, be able to have the most creative offense in the league and have a leader-in-waiting that could help us today and in the future.  

So there’s my case for Tim Tebow.  Currently, NFLdraftcountdown.com has Tebow going number 25 overall.  One thing is clear; whoever lands Tim Tebow is getting a winner.  Why not our Eagles?