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NFL Power Rankings Week 5


Ok boys and girls, here we go again… the Top 10 NFL Teams as I see it.

1. Giants (1). “To be the man, you have to…” You know the drill. Ric Flair. The Nature Boy. Yadda, yadda, yadda… G-Men stay here til they lose.

2. Saints (3). Ok, wasn’t exactly a “Breesy” day in the Superdome (man that sucked) but it surely appears the Saints themselves a genuine defense. Scary.

3. Vikings (4). Now you really didn’t think the Pack was going to beat #4 last night, did you?

4. Colts (5). Next up for Peyton, the Titans in Nashville on Sunday night. The Titans can’t possibly lose again, can they? Who's in the doghouse more? Jon Gosselin or Jeff Fisher? Tough call.

5. Patriots (7). Two weeks. Two birds in the hand. Falcons and Ravens in consecutive weeks. And equally impressive, too.

6. Broncos (10). Did you see Brian Dawkins celebrating and raising his arms toward the Denver faithful last week following their win over the Boys? Me neither.

7. Jets (2). Wonder if Mark Sanchez got all those nice Thank You cards the Saints Defense sent him?

8. Ravens (6). Someone please get Mark Clayton a vat of stick um, please.

9. Falcons (N/A). Coming off their Bye week following a tough road loss at NE. Next up the Niners by the Bay.

10. Eagles. (N/A). Also coming off their bye week and looking at Bucs, Raiders and Redskins.