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Phillies draw first blood in NLDS as Cliff Lee dominates Rockies


With two strikes on Troy Tulowitzski in the top of the ninth inning, Cliff Lee took a step back and soaked it all in. Last year's reigning AL Cy Young Award Winner was left off Cleveland's 2007 Postseason roster. He had been waiting for this moment for a long time. Here it was: Game One of the 2009 NLDS against the Colorado Rockies. And one out later, he became the first Philadelphia Phillies pitcher to throw a complete game in the postseason since Curt Schilling in the 1993 World Series. Most importantly, he gave the Phils a 1-0 lead in this best-of-five series. Cliff Lee has now officially been playoff tested, and he didn't disappoint. Later at the post-game press conference, Lee admitted that he briefly lost concentration in the ninth inning when he took a step back and momentarily allowed himself to become aware of his surroundings.

And who can really blame him? Lee wasn't in Philly for the dramatic run that his new team experienced last fall. Come to think of it, Lee hasn't experienced ANY moment in the majors like he did today. If he didn't fully understand before what playoff baseball was like in Philadelphia before, he sure does now. Nobody truly knew what to expect from Cliff Lee after a shaky September, but he dug deep and really gave his team a lift. Anytime you don't have to use the Phillies questionable bullpen, it's always a plus. If Lee continues to pitch this way throughout October, the Phillies could very well make another run at a title.

One thing that the Phillies lineup did effectively in game one was work starting pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez the second time around. Raul Ibanez and Jayson Werth can carry a team by themselves when they get hot. If those two continue to produce like they did in this first game, that could mean much success to the Phils in this series. Also take note that Phillies seemed like a well rested and energized team. They always find a way to win when it counts, and sometimes that means more than overall talent on a baseball team.

The Fightins played very well today, but this isn't over by any means. Cole Hamels, who has been as unequally up-and-down as Lee lately, takes the ball tomorrow. If he pitches as half as good as Lee did today, then the Phillies are in very good shape to close things out in Colorado this weekend.


A-Fraud Report:

Every time Alex (A-Fraud) Rodriguez (the biggest fraud and phoney the game of Major League Baseball has ever seen) participates in a post season game, we will offer a brief report on what this "choker," "poser," and "egotistical boldfaced liar" has to offer his team, the New York Yankees. Derek Jeter should be cannonized for sainthood after dealing with this guy and his "soap opera of a life" for the last six years.

Game One- ALDS vs. Minnesota: 2 for 4, 2 RBI's, 1 run scored.

My take on his performance: Gee, it's real tough to beat up on a team like the Minnesota Twins, who are hungover and literally running on empty in their gas tank.

Right now, he's probably kissing his mirror as we speak............