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Eagles youth movement makes their future look bright


Former Eagles Linebacker Frank LeMasterThe Philadelphia Eagles' chances to make another Super Bowl appearance for this season, and future seasons became evident against the win over the Chiefs. I am not saying the Eagles are going to go to the big dance because they beat the Chiefs, but what I saw in the Eagles win was the emergence of our young players that stood out and they were the deciding factor in the Eagles win. When you look at the performance of Kevin Kolb, DeSean Jackson, LeSean McCoy, Brent Celek, Quinten Mikel and Trent Cole, it is encouraging that they will be able to add talent, leadership and chemistry to the Eagles future.

What about leadership? Who will step up and replace Brian Dawkins and Jon Runyan’s play and leadership? Any coach in the NFL will tell you that the most talented team does not always win, but the team that has the right blend of chemistry, discipline and plays consistency will win championships. Look at all of the great coaches over the years such as Vince Lombardi, Tom Landry, Dick Vermeil, Bill Belichick, and yes Andy Reid. All of these coaching icons have been able to find what makes most of their players tick… every now and then a coach will take a chance on troubled players like Terrell Owens, Randy Moss, Pac Man Jones and Plaxico Burresss. These guys most often take the “T” out of team and the “C” out of chemistry and replace it with an X. As a troubled player gets older, he starts to realize that he has to get his act together and he has very few chances left.

My big worry is can the Eagles “young guns” develop into team leaders and have the maturity and consistently to win in the NFL. Can they perform under stress? I have been on several teams over my career where we had some very talented players but they became so distracted with their own headlines and fame that they played inconsistently from week to week. Dick Vermeil used to say the most important six inches on a football field is between a football players ears. My experience is that this is so true. Take for example the Eagles loss to the Saints, our mental mistakes, penalties and turnovers cost us the game.

Our schedule over the next 3 weeks gives the Eagles a great opportunity to be 5-1 before we meet the Giants. I’m betting our “young guns” will give us the firepower we need to win the games we are supposed to win.


Eagles 34 Bucs 10