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World Series Game 3 goes to Andy Pettitte as Yankees beat the Phillies


Cole Hamels should take a long, hard, look at himself.

The former ace of the Phillies and the NLCS-World Series MVP of 2008 is not even a shell of his former self. Hamels let his team down again, falling apart at the seams as the Yankees took Game Three of the 2009 World Series by an 8-5 score. As we mentioned in yesterday's preview, Hamels again failed to get out of the fifth inning, allowing a double to Nick Swisher, who has been so pathetic this postseason he was benched for Game Two, and a game-tying single to Yankees starter Andy Pettitte (?!!). Yes, Andy Pettitte, who doesn't even bat in the American League and had a .134 average this season when he hit. Apparently, Hamels thought the best way to retire Pettitte was by throwing him a curveball.


Hamels' performances have been so discouraging that he should not be used for the rest of this series. If he is, it should be in an emergency bullpen role and nothing else. If the Phillies are even lucky enough to sniff a Game Six or Game Seven, I would personally rather start a 46-year old Terry Mulholland than Hamels. The fact that you even allow yourself to have a pitcher who never bats tie the game off of you by throwing him a curveball is a complete and utter disgrace. I would be ashamed to even show my face to my teammates. Moreover, his mental makeup is scary and leaves much to be desired. Pettitte was able to make adjustments to the Phillies' lineup. Hamels did not adjust to the Yankees. He was cruising through the fourth inning, until he (struck out) walked Mark Teixeira on a pitch that home plate umpire Brian Gorman botched. Then A-Roid homered (of all places) off of a video camera, and it all came crashing down once again for Hamels. Come to think of it, maybe if Hamels didn't smell himself last off-season and actually showed up to spring training ready to start the year, maybe the Phillies wouldn't be in the position he now helped put them in: a 2-1 hole to the Yankees, who seem to be gaining more and more momentum as each game progresses in this series.

Of course, it isn't ALL Hamels' fault. Just as we feared in our World Series Preview, the Yankees pitchers are neutralizing the Phillies' bats. The team has just 12 hits in the last two games. Ryan Howard has nine strikeouts in 13 at-bats. Chase Utley, Howard and Raul Ibanez were a combined 0-12 with seven strikeouts in Game Three. There is nobody besides Jayson Werth or Carlos Ruiz who got any big hits for this team tonight. The Phillies did jump on Andy Pettitte for three runs in the bottom of the second inning. Then, with the bases loaded, Shane Victorino inexplicably swung at what were most likely the two worst pitches Pettitte threw the entire night. This mind you, is right after Jimmy Rollins drew a bases loaded walk where Pettitte was nowhere near the strike zone. Amazingly the Phillies did get to Pettitte and seemed to have him on the ropes, but they eventually relented and let him settle into a groove after the third inning. The veteran left-hander "moxied" through five more innings, and the Yankees chased J.A. Happ, Chad Durbin, and Brett Myers for more runs as the Phillies' bullpen was exposed. The Yankees held the lead long enough for Mariano Rivera. And that my friends, is a recipe for disaster for the Fightin' Phils.  Also, the fact that Eric Bruntlett is even on this team and is allowed to pinch hit in a game of this magnitude is inexcusable.  I would have have rather taken Pat Burrell, who was in attendance at the game, and asked him to put on an old uniform..........

To be blunt, the Yankees are outplaying the Phillies right now in every way, shape, and form. The Philadelphia Phillies' entire season now rides on the right arm of Joe Blanton tonight against CC Sabathia. For the first time in two seasons, the Phillies find themselves in an unfavorable position by trailing in a playoff series. Although their current state doesn't seem to phase this team, the series is all but over if they lose tonight.  Things are appearing darker for the this team, and not because it's daylight savings time.

It is officially gut check time for the 2009 Phillies.

photo: Matt Slocum/Associated Press