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NFL Power Rankings Week 10


1. Saints (1). Next two “games” are @Rams and @Bucs before Mr. Gisele comes to town for a MNF showdown on 11/30.    Gisele-photo: www.hongkongphooey.files.wordpress.com

2. Colts (2). But first Mr. Bündchen heads to Lucas Oil Stadium to take on Peyton & Co. Lucas Oil Stadium? Did I miss that memo?

3. Steelers (3). So much for the “good test” I thought they would face in Denver… look out kids: Big Ben is hot and Troy is back

4. Patriots (4). At the aforementioned Lucas Oil Stadium this coming week; wonder if they’ll get a free holiday calendar with every TD scored?

5. Bengals (5). How ‘bout them Bengals? At Heinz Field next week; if they fall behind, they’ll have to play ketchup; ok, I know, that was pathetic; but hey, I’m still on cough meds…

6. Vikings (7). Off their bye they welcome the rough and tumble, always menacing… Detroit Lions. Roar…

7. Cowboys (9). Is Tony Romo back with Jessica Simpson? Will Roy Williams ever be truly happy? Tune in next week to find out!

8. Broncos (8). Doth me detect some chinks in the Broncos armor? On the road in DC next week; not a guaranteed W by any means

9. Eagles (6). Andy Reid, meet Leonard Weaver. He is your fullback. You want to include him in any reindeer games the next time you need one freaking yard… or less.

10. Falcons (N/A). Get the nod over the Texans for the #10 spot; what put them over for me was Mike Smith, their head coach; any head coach that gets into it on the sidelines gets my vote.

Saints photo: www.alltalksports.files.wordpress.com