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Why the Philadelphia Eagles Should Sign Larry Johnson


I’m confused? So on Sunday night, with first place on the line, the Eagles had a second down and a yard to go from the Dallas Cowboy 46-yard line and after three attempts to get the first down, the Eagles could not convert. To make matters worse, Andy Reid threw a challenged flag and lost the Birds last timeout in the process. To make matters worse, with 4:16 seconds to go in the game and still no timeouts remaining (Maybe Andy forgot???), David Akers kicked a field goal to cut the Cowboy lead to 20 to 16. After kicking off to Dallas, Marion Barber iced the game with a Larry Johnson-photo by www.images.businessweek.comcouple of first downs and we lost a heartbreaker. If only we had a bruising short-yardage back?

Now, while it may be a sad realization, the fact is that Brian Westbrook’s  career may be through and what a career it was. Westbrook has been a “Little Warrior” since he stepped off of the bus from the playing fields of Villanova to the big stage of Lincoln Financial. Westbrook, while never “Bruising”, always ran with a chip on his shoulder and got the critical first downs but that option is no longer available to the Eagles and while LeSean McCoy is a future Pro-Bowler, we need something to save the season and that something could be Larry Johnson.

I know what you’re thinking: Gay slurs, bad attitude, problem child and 29 years old. Ok, good point but while the guy has been given numerous chances in Kansas City, Philadelphia may be the perfect place for him to restart the end of his career. Many Eagles fans are against this idea and say this is not a franchise that caters to that type of personality but Johnson may be misunderstood and might have something left in the tank. I mean, it’s not like he killed dogs or anything.

Philadelphia may the one place, maybe the only place where Johnson could find the fountain of youth. In was in 2002 where John ran for over 2,000 yards for the Penn State Nittany Lions and was somehow deprived of the Heisman Trophy. In was in the great state of Pennsylvania where Johnson was a star on offense and defense. In was on those hollow fields where Dick Vermeil fell in love with this running back and since those times, the Larry Johnson  story has been one full of chaos, destruction and greatness.

When the Eagles signed Michael Vick, people were outraged and despite being a lover of dogs, I do believe Vick deserved a second chance. (Though I’m not sure why the Eagles are not using Vick more?). Johnson, like Vick, has made some mistakes but he still does have talent. Larry Johnson is 29 years-old and it’s quite possible his best years of football are behind him. With the being said, there is something about “Coming Home” again. Larry Johnson is the prodigal son of Philadelphia and amidst the bizarre behavior is a stallion waiting to erupt for 2 more good years on the grid iron. I say it's time to bring this horse back home.

photo: www.dailycomedy.com