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The Morning After: Eagles lose to the Chargers


The Morning AfterMorning campers,

The good news I’m feeling much better this week and as such am not on any pharmaceuticals.

The bad news is I’m feeling much better and as such am not on any pharmaceuticals, meaning I had to endure yesterday’s game au-naturale…

Man, could I have used some ‘Tussin yesterday…

Let’s get this right out of way, kids. Andy Reid is going nowhere. Nowhere. How can I be so sure? Easy. A little thing called history.

See, Jeffrey Lurie and more importantly Joe Banner already have it in their rolodex of standard pat answers to throw out “We really feel if we didn’t have as many key injuries this year, we would have been right there. We feel just as good about Andy and have as much faith in him and his ability to lead our organization as the day we hired him.”

Now, I may turn out to be a word off here or there but you know damn well this is kind of drivel we will be deluged with when the dust settles on this season.

So much for turning tricks in the Red Zone, eh? Good Lord, to call that deplorable would an insult to all things deplorable. 

Chargers in the Red Zone? Well, one series in particular, they spread the formation thereby freeing up space for them to run the ball in for a score.

The Eagles meanwhile on a particular series ran 3 straight “bunched” formation plays, allowing the Chargers to keep all 11 defenders close to the line of scrimmage.

‘Course me being a former All Pro was able to pick up on that. I mean it’s not like I just some schmuck watching from home.

The Eagles in the Red Zone yesterday?

Play calling? Abysmal.

Execution? Dreadful.

Other than that…

But wait, wait… this just in. Andy Reid said it was his responsibility to put his players in better positions and they’re gonna get that fixed. So, they have that going for them, which is nice.

If there were a penalty for this, the Eagles would be flagged for this, too. After all, they’re being flagged for everything else.

NFL RefereeThey have been hit with 17 penalties over the past two games alone and for the season have amassed 58 penalties in 9 games after having just 74 all of last year.

And of course the Eagles are not just committing more penalties, they are committing more ill-timed, careless and downright stupid, dare I say it, undisciplined penalties.

Hell Moises Foiku (or however you spell his name, like it matters) seems to be good for one or two a week now.

And one last thing on this topic… I don’t know who the Eagles’ Special Teams coach is, perhaps I should. Whatever.

What I do know is that whomever it is, this person should be gone. As in outta here. As in canned. As in fired.

Hell how bad is it when you long for the days of Danny Smith?

FOX broadcasters Thom Brennaman and Brian Billick did not exactly bring their A game yesterday… or did they?

Billick used the term “unconsequential” at one point and later referred to the Eagles star receiver as DeSean Jockson.

Meanwhile, his booth buddy, Mr. Brennaman was not much better or “bletter” as he said in describing the Eagles play in the 2nd Half.

But Thom saved his best for the time he started out saying the word “fourth” then somehow tried to change it to “first” but it came out “forst.”

Hey Thom… May the “forst” be with you, bud.Goodfellas

Did you catch this? At one point in the game, with the Eagles trailing (of course) several Eagles offensive players, including #5, could be seen laughing it up on the sidelines as if they’ve just hit the damn lottery. 

I know people get all bent out of shape when they see stuff like this and I normally let it slide, but I’m sorry… you’re losing the game, due mostly to the  fact the very same people laughing, could not execute in the Red Zone.

Somehow, someway, I just don’t see players on a Bill Cowher or Jon Gruden coached team sharing a big chuckle while your team is losing and you are partially responsible for it.

RAPID FIRE…Chargers Cheerleader

*Did you catch the silly penalty flagged on the Chargers receiver Legedu Naanee for his "excessive" celebration? The man just wanted to ask a cheerleader out and he gets flagged for handing her the ball? C'mon, help a brother out... 

*The Chargers came into the game as the worst-rushing team in the NFL

*For the 2nd straight week, the Eagles were sans timeouts when they needed them the most and their defense was unable to make a big stop when needed most

*Michael Vick actually threw a pass yesterday, a legitimate pass

*Did you catch Victor Abiamiari’s brilliant, textbook tackle… on his own player during a kick return?

*Who brought the smelling salts that was obviously needed to waken Reggie Brown from his slumber?

Til next time.

Time’s yours. Food’s mine.