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Why did the Eagles sign Michael Vick?


For those of you keeping score at home, the Philadelphia Eagles  are now 5-4 after another heartbreaking loss. This time at the hands of the San Diego Chargers. In a year that once looked like a potential Super Bowl season, the Birds are now scrambling for a playoff birth in the ever-improving NFC and staring up at the likes of the Saints, Vikings, and Arizona Cardinals. Even a depleted Dallas Cowboys  team holds a one game lead over Philly in the NFC East. Perhaps the biggest problem the Eagles are having is in short yardage situations and we have to wonder why did the Eagles ever sign Michael Vick  when this is one of his specialties and he never gets into the game?

This week, Vick had only one pass attempt and rushes playing about as much, or as little as he always has since wearing Philadelphia green. Did Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb push to sign Vick to watch him sit on the bench? What happened to the Wild Cat Formations the Eagles were going to use Vick in? What happened to using Vick as a wideout? Perhaps the biggest question to ask is…what happened?

The Eagles took a lot of heat with the signing of Vick from animal rights activists and football pundits. The world seemed to be against the whole idea of bringing Michael Vick to the City of Brotherly Love, but Andy Reid said Vick would be worth the price of admission. Did we miss something here because the only thing Vick has done so far this season is sit quietly on the sidelines, only to be “Paroled” to the field of play for 1 to 4 plays a game. Perhaps the most perplexing part of this entire saga is that the Eagles really need Vick right now.

Whether you love him or hate him, Michael Vick is a nightmare for defenders in the open-field and in short yardage situations. Vick knows the West Coast Offense and could still be a playmaker if Andy Reid ever decided to give him a series or two.

From the naked eye, it’s pretty easy to blame Andy Reid for not letting Vick off of the pines. However if you watch closely, look at Donovan McNabb every time Vick does make his cameo. McNabb huffs and puffs and has this annoyed look on his face as Vick comes in for a play and then is sentenced to the bench for the remainder of the game. While Reid has always been overly concerned with McNabb’s feelings, the fact is that the 2009 season is slipping away from the Eagles. With the future of an injured Brian Westbrook  up in the air, Reid will have to rely on rookie LeSean McCoy if he hopes to generate any offense from their (never used) running game.

Next week the Eagles play a Sunday game against the Chicago Bears  at Solider Field. Without question, this will be a do or die game for the Philadelphia. And the one way to counter a tough Chicago defense would be to showcase a talent like Vick. The Birds went out on a limb and gave Vick a chance. Now, if the Eagles want to make a Super Bowl run, Michael Vick may be their only chance.


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