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NFL Power Rankings Week 11


NFL Power Rankings – Week 11 

1. Saints (1). Tough game against the Rams; no, that was not a typo

2. Colts (2). Why Bill, why? Why would B Squared not punt that ball, why?Bill Belichick

3. Bengals (5). They leapfrog the Steelers & Patriots; will losing Chris Henry hurt?

4. Steelers (3). The good news? They play the Chiefs this week. The bad? Troy Polamalu is hurt again.

5. Vikings (6). The Purple Express keeps chugging along; course doesn’t hurt to play the Lions, either

Don Shula6. Patriots (4). Do you think Don Shula, Larry Csonka, et al are big fans of B Squared right about now?

To be honest with you, I had some trouble finding 4 more teams worthy of mention but since I had to have 10…

7. Ravens (N/A). They will legitimize themselves with a win over Indy...

8. Cardinals (N/A). Yes they’ve won 5 of their last 6 but…

9. Packers (N/A). Someone had to be 9th…  

10. Texans (N/A). Have seen them ranked as low as 20th below teams like the Jets and Dolphins. C’mon people, wake up; this is a good team

Drew Brees photo: http://saintsofneworleans.files.wordpress.com/