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The Morning After - Eagles Defeat the Giants


The Morning AfterGood morning campers,

This morning we rise and shine to an Eagles win and a Phillies _________. Sorry, couldn’t wait til the end of the Phils game, had to get this in to my editor… pain in the _________.

Let’s giddy up…

I predicted for several years that the Eagles had themselves a TE who was primed for a trip to Hawaii. And now it looks like my Nostradamus-esque prediction is coming true… sort of. 

It was truly one of my better predictions. It was nothing, really. Just used all of my football acumen to boldly foresee greatness for an Eagles TE.

Now, onto other action from yesterday’s game… what’s that? Oh yeah, I forgot one teeny, tiny detail.

The TE I predicted greatness for was NOT Brent Celek, but rather LJ Smith.

Hey I was close. They are both Tight Ends. And they both have five letters in their last name. The similarities are eerie.

NOTE: I know fully well the Pro Bowl is no longer played Hawaii. I was merely using that as euphemism for the Pro Bowl itself.

My apologies to Gary Wright but when’s the last time an Eagles fullback rushed for 75 yards in ONE season let alone one game? 

And a 41-yard TD run, too?

Don’t know about you but I’m jumping aboard the dream weaver train.

Was back in my normal perch to the left of MQ yesterday after a two-week hiatus and almost immediately he proved why he is the best color man in the business.

His ability to make astute observations about otherwise innocuous things is uncanny.

Case in point…

As per our norm, we flip to other channels during breaks and stoppages in the game. Hey, we’re guys, it’s what we do. On one particular flip we landed on a channel that was broadcasting a NASCAR race, the Fleet’s Enema 500 or something.

MQ, upon seeing the “sideline” reporter adorned in full racing, fire-retardant gear pondered aloud: “If it’s that dangerous and the chance is that great that a car may catch on fire, perhaps they just do away with the sport entirely.”

Brilliance. Sheer brilliance.

Say what you want about Andy Reid – and Lord knows I do, but you cannot deny the fact that he’s provided the Eagles and their fans with 3 very talented and very young players in DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin and LeSean McCoy.

The more I watch Cole Hamels the more I am convinced he belongs in California, preferably Southern CA for his sake.

I honestly do not know if he will ever get back to what he last year.

Am I too being fatalistic? Perhaps.

Am I going too much on emotion? Maybe.

Is he a “Philly” guy? No chance in hell.

Let’s start with some good…

*Donovan McNabb looked very calm and confident in the pocket for the most part

*The aforementioned young stud receivers can have a very calming influence

*#5 made some very, very good throws including the touchdown tosses to Maclin and Celek
*Ellis Hobbs did a phenomenal job returning kicks and the Special Teams as a whole had a solid day
*It’s quite obvious that Will Witherspoon is a major upgrade over both Omar Gaither and Jeremiah Trotter at MLB

 The bad…

*Giants QB Eli Manning. ‘Nuff said
*Eagles DE Jason Babin who muffed a kickoff (ok, not really his forte, but hell, just catch the damn ball.) And then later was flagged for a horse collar penalty that was questionable at best but, he clearly should have just let Manning run out of bounds.
*Eagles Safety Quinton Mikell. My brother, this week how’s bout we work on those catching skills?
*Is it me or does it seem like #5 gets anywhere from 4-6 passes batted down every week?

 The WTF…
*A simply horrible call (that went in the Eagles favor) on the Giants defensive TD that wasn’t. That lateral was properly pitched backwards and should have been a touchdown
*Can anyone, any MIT scientist… anyone explain how the Eagles lost to the Raiders? Anyone?