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Philly2Philly.com Grid Iron Picks-NFL Picks Week 12


Philly2Philly.com Grid Iron Picks

Last week was a pretty even week for our fearsome foursome.  Steve and Jesse led the way with 11 wins and Dennis and Josh each had 10.  This appears to be a 3-man race heading down the stretch as Steve leads Jesse by 2 games and Dennis by 5. 

Once again this week features a lot of clunkers.  What the hell was the NFL thinking in scheduling Oakland to play the Cowboys? Oakland has been a bottom feeder since 2003.  And, they are an absolute mess.  For the NFL to schedule the Raiders on the big stage of Thanksgiving is like Ford rolling out a nasty, beat up '72 Ford Pinto at a national car show. 

Tough break for the Lions in losing Stafford last week.  If he were playing today I'd say they had an Iceberg's chance in hell of winning this game.  Even though it was the Cleveland Browns, they were quite impressive last week.  The Lions will go up against a hot Packers team with the likes of Daunte Culpepper at the helm, who is good for at least 3 picks today. 

The Giants-Broncos game tonight has the makings of a winner.  The Broncos can't keep losing can they? Or, was that 6-0 start a mirage? The Giants just came off a 4-game losing streak and head to Denver to go for their 7th win.  The Giants have their work cut out for them though as they are playing on just a few days of rest and it's never easy playing in that thin "mile high" air.  Look for this one to be a Wild West shootout. 

Ali FrazierMoving on to the rest of the slate.  The only two marquee matchups are the Sunday night and Monday night games.  Pittsburgh and Baltimore (facing off Sunday) is the best rivalry in football; it's always a guaranteed slugfest, which makes me wonder why Roethlisberger would be thrown out there this week.  Haven't they learned from what happened to Brian Westbrook?  The Steelers and Ravens are the equivalent of Ali-Frazier and Roethlisberger is sure to take some shots with the way that O-line is playing.

And, the Patriots will look to end the Saints' undefeated season on Monday night.  Maybe our panel knows something.  Everybody is picking the Patriots to upset the Saints.

The Titans and Cardinals is a decent matchup.  Since Vince young took over the Titans, they are hotter than an inferno.  After suffering that historic blowout to the Patriots, this team could make a run for the playoffs if they win out, which is never out of the question for Jeff Fisher's squad.  And, if you haven't heard about him, Chris Johnson is the real deal.  Fantasy footballers know all about this kid, but he doesn't get a lot of ink because he doesn't play in New York or Dallas. 

Steve and Dennis take the conservative route this week and pick mostly the favs.  In fact, they have virtually the same picks except for one game:  KC and San Diego.  Dennis has the Chiefs winning that one.  Now they jettisoned Larry Johnson from their team they do appear to be a better "team." Dennis won't catchup to Steve this week.  Now, Jesse could. If the Giants, Hawks, and Panthers win, then Jesse will be at the top next week.  We shall see. 

All in all it's a typical week of NFL games.  That's just what the league has become anymore.  You have 4-5 elite teams, 5 good teams, 5 ok teams that could maybe sneak into the playoffs, and a lot of muck and slop. 

Now, here are our Week 12 NFL Picks:


Philly2Philly.com Grid Iron Picks Week 12