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Tiger Woods isn't out of the woods from car accident saga


Many questions remain for Tiger Woods after a Friday morning car accident, which left him with some minor injuries.  Tiger Woods

Once the story broke, the media was quick to put out the ludicrous notion that he got into a minor accident in front of his house, which resulted in his wife Elin Nordegren breaking him out of the vehicle with a golf club.  How ironic?

Of course, that story is a fantasy.  Since when does someone traveling at 20-some miles per hour get stuck in their vehicle (a Cadillac Escalade mind you) when running into a fire hydrant?

Although it hasn't been entirely substantiated yet, the word around the proverbial grapevine is that Woods' wife chased him out of the house with a golf club and smashed the windshield with a golf club and he drove away in a panic.  Some have speculated that Woods' is having an affair, which led to the fight.  Again, that part is all speculation. 

Whatever the truth is to this story, Tiger Woods has some serious issues to deal with.  Not to mention, the veneer of his clean public image has been tarnished.  

In a week full of bizarre news there was no way that the White House Crashers story could possibly be topped...until news of this broke. 

Tiger Woods is one of the top five most recognizable celebrities in the world.  You don't get any bigger than him.  

His PR team has a huge task on their hands.  And, Tiger Woods himself has some personal issues to sort out.  A multi-millionaire doesn't just happen to get in a car wreck right outside his home at 2:30 in the morning.  And, his wife doesn't need to break him out of the car with a golf club.  

Whatever the truth is to this story, this will be the latest saga involving a big time celebrity.  

Strap in kids, this one is going to be a wild ride. But, no matter what the result is, we will still remember Woods for his moments at the Masters in the long run.  He'll get through this.

Main Photo from http://www.orlandosentinel.com

Story photo http://www.tribuneindia.com