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NFL Power Rankings Week 9


1. Saints (1). Good teams find a way to win even when they don’t bring their A game. This is a good team.

2. Colts (2). Good teams find a way to win…

3. Steelers (4). Off their bye they go Mile High… should be a real good test.

4. Patriots (5). Off their bye they go Fishing…

5. Bengals (6). Off their bye they go bird watching, welcome in the Ravens to Paul Brown Stadium

6. Eagles (7). Two division wins in a row… anyone for three?

7. Vikings (8). You really didn’t think #4 would lose in Lambeau, did you?

8. Broncos (3). Tough road loss in Baltimore followed by a tough home game vs. Steelers.

9. Cowboys (N/A). Pains me but you have to give the Boys their props.

10. Texans (N/A). Three straight wins and watch them this week in Indy…