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Philly2Philly.com NFL Picks Week 9


Steve O was the leader last week with 10 wins and is the leader of the pack for the year.

Jesse finished 2nd and Dennis and Josh rounded out the bottom.

Our five year-old challenger is holding his own against the old heads as he is tied with Dennis Bakay on the year.

Now, onto our picks for week 9 of the NFL season.

Many critical games are on the dockett this week and you have to admire Dennis' fortitude for picking the Chargers against the Giants.  What are the odds the Giants will lose 4 in a row? And, Josh's upset has the Panthers upsetting the Saints who are this year's version of the 2007 Patriots and seem unstoppable. 

As always, don't follow our recommendations.  If you do, you should have your head examined!

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