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The Morning After-Eagles Lose to Cowboys


The Morning After LogoMorning campers,

You’re going to have to bear with me this week cause since Friday I’ve been under the weather and have been ingesting a wide array of pharmaceuticals.

The combination of meds has had some, let’s say strange effects on yours truly. For some inexplicable reason I will, completely at random, inadvertently blurt out the most bizarre, peculiar things.

But I feel pretty comfortable that we won’t have any…

Yo Yo Ma

Another side effect of the meds has been my inability to sleep at night and since I figured time is irrelevant to me… I would go all chronological this week.

8:07PM – Dose of cough syrup

8:18PM – Might have taken too much ‘Tussin; think I just heard the Giants lost their 4th straight game; that can’t be

8:31PM – Opening kickoff

8:39PM – Cowboys Terrence Newman goes all Pele and draws a Delay of Game Penalty thank you very much

8:40PM – Jeremy Maclin goes all John Stockton and assists the Cowboys on an interception, how nice of him

8:47PM – Cowboys capitalize on Jeremy’s assist; Cowboys 7, Eagles 0

8:54PM – In response to the Cowboys TD, the vaunted Eagles offense roars back and does… nothing. Paging Sav Rocca

Frankenstein never scared me.

8:59PM – Eagles get the ball back after a 3 and out by the Boys; me thinks it’s time to establish the run on this series;

9:01PM – Like I said, time to establish the slant

9:03PM – Oh look, after yet another pass play, Jason Peters is now writhing in pain on the ground having had his leg rolled up on him

9:15PM – Jason Avant proves once again why he has the best hands on the team hands down, no pun intended

I like baked beans.

9:20PM – Eagles fail in the Red Zone as Stacy Andrews kindly gets out of the way of Jay Ratliff; Cowboys 7, Eagles 3

9:36PM – First Mike Vick sighting; crowd goes wild as Mike runs for 2 yards

9:46PM – Not quite the Red Zone but Eagles offense stalls again; Cowboys 7, Eagles 6

9:51PM – Our All-Pro CB Asante Samuel puts on yet another textbook tackling demonstration; Cowboys 1st at 10 at the Eagles 17

9:57PM – Brilliant move by Andy Reid to freeze the Cowboys kicker on the lengthy 22-yarder, Cowboys 10, Eagles 6

10:03PM – Learn that the Phils declined their option on Pedro Feliz; farewell Pete Happy, farewell

10:14PM – Ellis Hobbs takes the 2nd Half Kickoff and goes all the… oh well, he looked good; atta boy there Moses Foiku or however you spell your name; like it matters

10:17PM – LeSean McCoy tackled by Bobby Carpenter; didn’t he used to play for the Capitals? Man, he must be old

I thought Barney Rubble was a helluva actor.

10:19PM – Brent Celek scores then proceeded to put on a TD celebration that left me wanting more cough medicine; Eagles 13, Cowboys 10

10:29PM – Our All-Pro CB Asante Samuel gets flagged for Unsportsmanlike Conduct for taunting; I think he was just so overjoyed he actually made a tackle

10:31PM – Romo throws up a duck but ol’ Moses gets flagged again for being a jackass (is there such a penalty?) which negates a good runback by Sheldon Brown

10:45PM – Snap the damn ball Jamaal; after a bizarre series of events the Eagles are forced to punt

10:52PM – Trent Cole exchanges pleasantries with Tony Romo

10:57PM – On 1st Down Donovan McNabb throws a simply terrible pass (did someone say run the ball?) and it’s picked off; to make matters worse, ol Jeremy grabs the face mask; again another undisciplined penalty by the Eagles

11:05PM – Eagles D holds; Birds 13, Cowboys 13

11:11PM – Al Michaels hits us with some ridiculously meaningless stat about Donovan and interceptions; this of course right after #5 threw one of his patented wide-open-missed-it-by-that-much beauties

11:19PM – What a horrific spot by the officials on Donovan’s QB sneak on 4th Down

11:22PM – Review of the call doesn’t help; an absolutely pathetic spot; but then again the Eagles had a 2nd, 3rd AND 4th and short and could not convert; by the way, where was Leonard Weaver during that stretch?

11:26PM – Sheldon is toast; Cowboys 20, Eagles 13

11:33PM – Wow, Lennie runs the ball and gets the short first down; using the fullback in short yardage; what a concept

11:38PM – Akers boots one from deep; Cowboys 20, Eagles 16; why not punt it there? Time will tell if that was the right move

11:44PM – Completion to who else, an opposing TE; that’s pretty much your ballgame, kids

 I still like baked beans.