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Philly2Philly.com Grid Iron Picks-NFL Picks Week 14


P2P Grid Iron PicksWhat you won't get with your Week 14 NFL Picks from the gang of Philly2Philly is any Tiger Woods jokes.  Every other website is doing it and we're going against the grain.

No, we at p2p won't go the low road and are boycotting Tiger Woods jokes...well at least I am. 

With that said, let's get down to business and declare this contest all but over.  Steve O has the lead by a 6 games over Dennis and unless he pulls a Smarty Jones, he will be the champ.  And, what will his prize be? I'll probably finally treat him to that steak dinner I've been promising him...after Christmas of course.  I'm broke!

The New Orleans Saints got a real scare last week and nearly saw their undefeated season end in humiliating fashion to the Washington Redskins.  I really think this team will become the second NFL team to go 16-0 in the regular season.  They are that damn good.

It's an interesting slate of games this week unlike previous weeks.  The Eagles take on the Giants.  And, the Cowboys face the Chargers.  Another good game to look out for is the Bengals-Vikings game.  I don't see Cincy handing Minny their second straight loss; the Bengals are better suited for outdoors.  Then again this team has surprised me like no other team this season. And, of course the Saints and Colts are always interesting because of what's at stake for them. 

As always I must put this out there. Don't take our advice on picks.  If you do, seek medical attention!

And, here are our week 14 NFL Picks:

Philly2Philly Grid Iron Picks