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From Roy Halladay, to McNabb and Andy Reid- Five Philly Sports topics that just won't die


Are you getting sick and tired of hearing about the same nonsense day after day on local sports radio about what our sports teams should or shouldn't be doing to improve their team?  Some of these topics need to be addressed, so it's really nobody's fault in particular. They make for good conversation and at times even spark a little controversy. Unfortunately, many of them have been rehashed over and over for years and even decades. Some are more recent, but nonetheless still sound like a broken record. I may have missed some along the way, but these are five that for some reason just stick in my mind. Here they are:

I STILL don't know what that was all about..

5. Won't ANYBODY take Samuel Dalembert?-

One minute, Samuel Dalembert  is happy. The next minute, he is unhappy and wants to be traded. This has been going on for several years now, and it doesn't help that the Sixers are absolutely brutal. The trade rumors surrounding Dalembert are just that: rumors. His contract, which was the work of Billy King, has made him anything but tradeable. His "praying mantis" pose after a rebound is just classic- classically horrific.  Mark Eaton with a bad back has better coordination than Dalembert. Moreover, "Slammin' Sammy" has more mood swings than my pregnant neighbor, and must be under the impression that if he is traded to another team, he will suddenly become the Ben Wallace-like player that he thinks he is. Whatever the problem is, we don't care, Sammy. You make more money than probably everyone who is reading this right now. We want you out of here as much as you want out of here. Only thing is, our opinion doesn't waver.

4. The Flyers should get a "Prime Time" Goalie- 

It's too early to tell if Ray Emery is going to be the real deal. His recent injury is a reasonable It is still undetermined as to whether Ray Emery is the answer to the Flyers' perennial goaltending woes.excuse for the decline in his play. However, his spotty track record on and off the ice could indicate that things could go downhill quickly for Emery in Philadelphia before they even begin. The question here isn't whether Emery is a loose cannon. The fact of the matter is, the Flyers NEVER break the bank for a legitimate goaltender. To be fair, they don't grow on trees. However, the Flyers could have acquired Curtis Joseph, and they settled on John Vanbiesbrouck. Jeff Hackett was so awesome he retired in mid-season 2004. These goalies are usually replaced by players with the hot hand who come up JUST short of taking the team to the Stanley Cup. These goalies (Brian Boucher in '00, Robert Esche in '04, Martin Biron '08) were all inconsistent in regular season play after their stellar playoff performances.

Thinking outside the box, the Flyers made a goaltending change in '09 and signed Emery. The team decided to put all of their money into defenseman Chris Pronger  and got Emery on the cheap. It's not that the Flyers have a problem with spending money. Their intentions are good, but their money never seems to be properly spent. When healthy, Emery may possibly become the Flyers long awaited, much desired netminder, or he could be a colossal bust. If the latter turns out to be true, the Flyers might want to spend less money on their forwards and up the ante for that long lost goalie that is FINALLY going to get this team their parade down Broad Street for the first time since the year my parents were married.

3. Will the Spectrum ever be demolished?-

I attended a Flyers pre-season game at The Spectrum  in September of 2008 (the same day the The Spectrum: not gone or forgottenPhillies clinched the NL East). It was supposed to be the last time I ever set foot in the building. It's over a year later, and every time you turn around, it's another "Last Time Event" there. From Bruce Springsteen, to Hall and Oates and Pearl Jam, I have been in that building three times in the last two months. The Sixers AND Flyers have been participating in these activities as well.

From the retrospectives, to the books, to all of the radio talk about how much people are going to miss the place, the Spectrum's closing is becoming less sentimental and more commercial. As of right now, there still is no tentative date when the Spectrum will be officially demolished. I loved that building as much as anyone, and lots of families and friends shared memories there that will last forever. My dad still talks about watching Game 6 of the '74 Stanley Cup Finals there to this day. I was there when Christian Laettner hit "the shot" against Kentucky. In saying this, as sad as the final days of the Spectrum will be, it just seems that the inevitable is being put on hold. It's tough for everybody, but come on guys. If you're going to do it, just get it over with.

2. Hey Phillies, are you getting Roy Halladay?.........- To be honest, Philly2Philly.com owes Roy Halladay an awful lot. In an indirect way, he has Roy Halladay: Philly, or not to Philly?much to do with putting our site on the map. It was last July when we were accepted into Google News. Rumor has it that the good folks at Google took a look at the traffic "The Eye" was getting regarding the Halladay rumors at that time. The Halladay saga ranks among our all-time most viewed articles (and there were several of them last summer). My mom now even knows who Roy Halladay is, who he pitches for, and why Toronto wanted our best prospects for him. You have to wonder why the Phillies (who could easily decorate their wallpaper with $1,000 dollar bills by now) are reportedly trying to move Joe Blanton for "salary reasons" and they failed to offer arbitration to two of their best relievers (Scott Eyre, Chan Ho Park). They can never go back to being the Phillies of the late 1990's. They can only go forward or bust!

So what exactly ARE the Phils doing? Or trying to do? They'll never tell. Such is the history of the Phillies. Can you imagine if Nixon's aides were this tight lipped? One thing is for sure: where there's smoke, there's usually fire. It's no coincidence that the Phillies have been mentioned in almost every story regarding Halladay. It's almost as if this should have already happened. Ruben Amaro  will never publicly acknowledge that he is working on a deal for the right hander if that is indeed the case. If this actually happens, the Fightins could win 105 games by accident. Sure you need a bullpen, and probably a fourth and fifth starter. But with Halladay, Cliff Lee, and (if he returns to his 2008 form) Cole Hamels in your rotation, you only need four starters come playoff time anyway. But like I said, nothing is etched in stone. Plus, who do you sign to a long-term deal after 2010? Halladay? Lee? Ryan Howard? Somebody will be lost in the shuffle. Now there is talk of the Phillies involving Lee in a three way trade for Halladay. I don't like the sound of this.  Unless the Phillies feel that they have a better chance of signing Halladay than Lee next year. Ah, decisions, decisions......

1. Hey Andy, Donovan, just win a Super Bowl and show us a game-winning drive!-  

I am so sick of this decade long conversation that it literally makes my stomach churn for the entire day. Am I happy that the Eagles recently Tell me how long this will last.........extended Reid? Not really. I'm a big fan of the running game. Reid is not. A running play in Reid's playbook is about as rare as a new album from Boston. It's hard to argue with success, but Reid's play calling, clock management (or lack thereof), and constant failure to adjust at halftime by this point in his coaching career is so monotonous and predictable it's like watching your favorite TV show that you know has jumped the shark. You swear you watched the same episode in season three. However, it's now season eleven, the show doesn't do anything for you anymore, and you want to watch something else. With Reid's extention, it is obvious that his time in Philadelphia will most likely exceed McNabb's.

Speaking of McNabb, he has some late quarter drives as of late. But the Bears and Redskins will not remind anyone of the '72 Dolphins. It's going to take a moment in a big game where McNabb finally takes charge to get the Eagles back to the Super Bowl or dare I say it- WIN the Super Bowl before he will even be mentioned in the same class as Peyton Manning or Tom Brady. Ben Roethlisberger has won two Super Bowls, and let's not even talk about Peyton's brother Eli.

The Eagles' failure to win a Super Bowl is a running joke by now. In McNabb's defense, he's never been given good receivers with the exception of 2004 and the last two years. However, he missed two of those receivers in the waning moments of last year's NFC Championship Game. Yes, there was that fourth quarter comeback, but your team WAS down 24-6 at the half.

In the NFC Championship Game against the St. Louis Rams, the Eagles were understandable underdogs. However, they were the favorites in the next four championship games in which they played. By all rights, they should have at least two Lombardi Trophys for this era of Eagles football. 2002 will be forever painful, and their lack of "video equipment" in Jacksonville led to a New England Patriots team having the upper hand in Super Bowl XXXIX.

So WHY can't the Eagles win? Reid? McNabb? No receivers? Which came first, the chicken or the egg? I can't deal with this anymore. It's just tiring. Who knows? Teams like Tampa Bay, Carolina, and Arizona have come out of nowhere to beat much better teams when it counts in January. Could this be the year the shoe is on the other foot and the Eagles are that team? Gosh I hope so. Just win the damn thing. Not because we deserve it, but because it's way overdue!