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As Tiger Woods' divorce looms the media continues to pounce


Mulligan. A mulligan is a term used in golf that gives a player a “second chance” to get it right. Tiger Woods may need a mulligan right now for his personal life but as someone who religiously watches and covers sports, I’m not sure why there is so much drama surrounding the great golfer.

In the Philadelphia area, Tiger Woods is a hero. A black man who has taken the white man's sport of golf and taken it to new heights.

It is truly amazing that while there are still golf courses where blacks are not allowed to play on, Tiger Woods, a black man, is the figurehead of the sport.

Tiger has defined golf. Besides overcoming racial barriers, he has established himself as the greatest golfer in the history of the game. With 16 World Golf Championships to his credit and being the only other golfer besides Jack Nicklaus to have achieved a career grand slam 3 times, Tiger Woods is the Babe Ruth of golf and despite the recent controversy he was still voted the Associated Press Athlete of the Decade. Despite all of the profound glory, the world has turned against the bewildered Woods because of his adulterous affairs and from a media point of view; people really need to reel it in.

Objectively, it looks like Tiger Woods has certainly enjoyed his time off of the green. Thus far, a porn star, a pancake house waitress, a participant from VH-1’s Tool Academy and allegedly 6 other women have come forward and claimed to have an affair with the golfing icon. Perhaps a bigger question than who has Tiger slept with is who hasn’t he? With that being said, why is Tiger’s private life such a major news story?

Friends of Tiger Woods have come out and said they’re disappointed. ESPN2 actually does their subheadings as follows: MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA and Tiger. They gave the world a quick news brief to keep up on Tiger’s daily events. Seriously, there are a lot of people who have way too much time on their hands.

While I in no way condone adultery, I don’t view Tiger Woods as a dreg of society. He made a mistake, well, many mistakes but does that counter the obstacles he has overcome, the good deeds he has done for charity and the brilliance he has displayed within his sport?

From a personal standpoint, I hope Tiger Woods and his wife Elin Nordegren work things out for their future and for the sake of their children. I hope to see Tiger Woods on a golf course in the Philadelphia area in the near future and I’m not sure why this scandal should deprive the world of this brilliant talent.

With a war going on, unemployment rates at an all-time high, the Phillies making a controversial trade for Roy Halladay, Ed Rendell pushing gaming legislation while making budget cuts and our President telling us we are coming out of a recession, I feel the people of Philadelphia and the nation for that matter should have their focus on more important venues than the private life of Tiger Woods.

If we ever want to see Tiger Woods lining up on the green again, we should all just back off. Sadly, one of the reasons this may not happen is because there is a sect of society who want to see this man’s career destroyed. From an objective media point of view, it is time to move on.

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