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Philly2Philly.com Grid Iron Picks-NFL Picks Week 15


Grid Iron PicksWeek 15 of the NFL season delivers many pitiful matchups. If you're in the fantasy playoffs then you'll be doing plenty of watching, but for anybody else it's a snooze fest.

Last week Dennis led the way with 13 wins and is now within striking distance of Steve who has a 4-game lead.

We here in the Philadelphia area expect the Eagles to roll over the 49ers like the Gravedigger"Gravedigger" at a Monster Truck Show and our staff would certainly agree. Steve, Jesse, Dennis, and Josh all have the Eagles taking down the 49ers.

For the casual NFL observer the Colts and Saints provide some compelling storylines because it's unprecedented for two teams to be undefeated this late in the year. The Colts take on the Jags who generally give them fits. And, the Saints go up against a Cowboys squad that is in the midst of their annual December implosion.

Look for the Colts and Saints to make it 14-0. Then the question will loom. Should both teams sit their stars and rest up for the playoffs or try to make history?

We shall see.

Now, here are our Week 15 NFL Picks:

 Week 15 NFL Picks