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NFL Power Rankings Week 17


NFL Power Rankings Week 17

1. Colts (1). Sorry, that loss does not count... and you know it.

2. Chargers (2). Total dismantling of a desperate Titans team... very impressiveMcNabb

3. Eagles (4). Sure as hell wasn't pretty, at least the 2nd half but good teams find a way to win

4. Bengals (6). See above

5. Cardinals (7). Peaking at the right time?

6. Saints (3). Two straight losses at this time of the year? Um, not good...

Scared7. Cowboys (8). Are they exorcising the December demons?

8. Patriots (9). See #5

9. Packers (N/A). The Pack play the Cards in what could be a preview of playoff things to come...

10. Vikings (5). Too far of a drop in one week? If you're a Vikings fan, be afraid... be very afraid.

McNabb photo from http://assets.nydailynews.com

Scared photo from http://houston.indymedia.org