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The Morning After: Eagles beat the Falcons


Good morning campers,

This was truly an eventful weekend for sports fans... On Saturday, we saw some tremendously entertaining games as the top 3 teams in the country, Florida, Alabama and Texas were jockeying for a spot in the BCS Championship Game. We knew going in that one of the top 3 would lose as the Gators faced the Tide in the SEBCSC Championship Game, while the Longhorns squared off against the Nebraska Cornhuskers to crown the champion of the Big 12.

Waiting patiently for a spot at the grownups table was TCU, hoping and praying that somehow Texas would lose, thus giving us the "Cinderella" story the public loves and the networks loathe. And it almost happened. If you didn't see the end of the 'Huskers/'Horns game... Texas came within one second (yes, one second) of taking too long to run one play before attempting (and making) the game winning field goal.

So, we get Alabama vs. Texas for the BCS Championship. Personally I would rather see a TCU/Cincinnati game and watch all the suits cringe in horror.

Then yesterday of course, we witnessed some games that literally defied all logic. The Raiders... The Raiders! go into Pittsburgh and beat the Steelers. The Dolphins beat the Patriots on a last minute field goal and arguably the most gut-wrenching game, the Redskins gave, literally, the game away to the Saints in the final two minutes of regulation and then into overtime.

And oh yeah, the Eagles beat up on a pretty hapless Atlanta Falcons team.

All hail the conquering hero, right? Michael Vick by far saw his most extensive action of the year and not coincidentally it came in his former home. He looked spry (yes, spry) and had a burst we had not seen all year. Michael Vick

But the question still remains... why is he here? Why is he on this team? Is this the beginning of a master plan by Andy Reid? We will now see more Vick than the obligatory 2-3 plays per game?

Obviously only time will tell but I can't help wondering if he was brought here with one thought in mind and that is to showcase him to the rest of the league, keep him healthy, then trade him in the off-season.

I'm not a football expert and surely do not possess the brilliant pigskin mind that Andy Reid has... but I think Leonard Weaver has some ability. Are you kidding me? Where has this been all year?!?!?!

Like the aforementioned Michael Vick, here's hoping we see more of Lenny going forward...

With their 8 penalties yesterday, the Eagles now have been flagged 90 times, which puts them atop the NFL as the most-penalized team. The Packers, who are at 87 anFoul Playd play tonight against the Ravens may pass them when the night is over but... that does not take away from the fact this Eagles team is among the most undisciplined and unfocused team in the league.

Case in point... they were forced to burn a timeout in the 2Q as they had too many men on the field during a punt return.

And of their 8 penalties yesterday, three were for personal fouls -- two for Unnecessary Roughness and one for Roughing the Passer.

As MQ often does, he likes to surf the channels during timeouts, stoppages, what-have-you... hey we're guys, that's what we do.

Yesterday, we came upon what is arguably the quintessential 80s movie... Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

Now when most heterosexual men over the age of say 35 think of this movie they think of four words: "Phoebe Cates" and "swimming pool." You know what else they should Phoebe Catesthink of: tramps, especially the character of Stacy Hamilton, played sluttily by Jennifer Jason Leigh.

First young Stacy goes to The Point with well-known ladies man and stereo salesman extraordinaire Ron Johnson. Then, she does the nasty with Mike Damone in her parent's pool's changing room. Real sweet girl, huh?

And as each indiscretion Stacy is going on, we hear Jackson Browne's "Somebody's Baby" in the background. Somebody's baby? Hell, Stacy was EVERYBODY'S baby...

*Are there production issues every week with Fox?
*Did Sheldon Brown's hammie looked remarkably good as he took off on his jaunt to the end zone?
*Is the Eagles offensive line really not very good, especially when Jason Peters is not playing?

The Eagles beat a very depleted Falcons team. So yes, they did what they were supposed to do. And yes, it appears as if they are about to go on a vintage Andy Reid December run. But (you know a but was coming)... they need to stay the course regarding pass/run selection and they need to keep beating the teams they should beat, i.e. the teams on the rest of their schedule.

That's it for now.

Time's yours. Food's mine.