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A BCS caste system? A look at Boise State's raw deal.


Well, the regular season for college football is now complete and with a BCS Bowl Show that surprised almost no one and yet decided the fate of so many worthy college teams, the decision makers of the BCS conducted  their annual “BS” and choose who will dance in a BCS Bowl and who will be left out in the cold.  And despite so many objections and pleas for a playoff system, the BCS remains in place. 

If you remember before the Presidential election last year, President Obama said the one thing he would change in sports was instituting a playoff system.  Of course, he also made fun of hard working individuals, promised to get us out of a war and fix the economy so I get college football is the least of the broken promises we’ve seen but it still is important to sports fans, especially those in the Philadelphia area.  And make no mistake about it, Philadelphia fans love their Penn State Nittany Lions and wanted to see good old Joe Paterno waltz into another BCS game.  While this may make the people of Philadelphia happy it would’ve been truly unfair to the rest of the world.

One thing we’ve learned from life and sports is that justice is a commodity but in one last desperate plea for justice, will someone please tell me why the Boise State Thanks for nothingBroncos are not even being considered for a national title game and the “elite” system and rumors were spread that the BCS considered going so far as to deprive the Broncos of a BCS game by giving a spot to either Penn State, Iowa or Oregon State.  Are you kidding me?  Has anybody been watching college football this season because if they have they would know that Boise State can beat ANYBODY in the country.  Before you scoff, let’s examine the facts.

Boise State is 13-0.  Boise State has destroyed every opponent week in and week out.  Texas, the appointed opponent of Alabama in the national title game should’ve lost to Nebraska Saturday night and may have been saved by a questionable call.  (Did anyone else count the seconds while Colt McCoy threw the ball as the clock ran out?).  Perhaps the most important point in a case for Boise State is that they beat the Rose Bowl bound and Pac-10 Champion Oregon Ducks to start the season.  Most pundits are in agreement that the Pac-10 is the best conference in college football from top to bottom and the team that won that conference was defeated by the Broncos and yet Boise State may not get an invite to the big dance?

I’ll leave you with this, if there is any justice in this world of sports, Boise State would’ve not only earned a trip to the Fiesta Bowl but would’ve been given a chance to play in the national title game against Alabama.  If anyone remembers, Boise State beat the Adrian Peterson led Oklahoma Sooners in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl and has beaten every “BCS” team that has had the courage to line up against them. 

Boise State has beaten everyone in their path and with this pathetic system we call the BCS in place, we are telling schools and players that in some circumstances, no matter what you do, you can never reach the top of the mountain.  The BCS has turned college football into a caste system and despite so many big time victories, year in and year out, Boise State is overlooked and with 4 undefeated teams in the FBS and a guarantee that at least 2 teams will end their season undefeated (as the Broncos did in 2006 and Utah did last season), we need a playoff system and then once and for all we can crown a true national champion.

Thanks for nothing photo from http://www.notempire.com