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NFL Power Rankings Week 14


Because the Packers beat the Ravens, Aaron Rogers and Co. move up a notch to number 5. Here's the rest of the top ten.One of these days, Jerry Jones is just gonna have to shell out some more dough to raise that thing!!

Enjoy!  See you next week!

1. Saints (1). Luck be a Redskin tonight… and on Sunday; Wow, talk about heartbreaking                    

2. Colts (2). Yeah, as for that Titans revival… hit a speed bump at Peyton’s Place

3. Chargers (4). Fended off a dare I say “feisty” Browns team and now head to Jerry’s Joint next Sunday                

4. Bengals (5). Ho-hum, beat the Lions; go to MN next week and you know their hosts will not be very hospitable

5. Packers (6). Hanging around in the Wild Card hunt; could be dangerous come playoff time

6. Cardinals (9). Very, very impressive win all around against the Vikes                    If you think this SCREAMS "Old School," you're right!           

7. Vikings (3). See above.

8. Eagles (10). Hey, they went into Atlanta and won; the first NFC team to beat the Falcons at the Georgia Dome in almost two years

9. Jaguars (N/A). How does this team do it every single year? Just when you think you have them all figured out…   

10. Broncos (N/A). Back from the dead and very much alive…



photos: http://a.espncdn.com/photo/2009/0821/nfl_u_stadium12_600.jpg