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Step right up and beat the Mets


When the opposing teams pitcher gets two hits off your ace you know you are in trouble. When that pitcher is on the stinking Mets you know you are in really big trouble.

But this is the NY Mets and they can’t help but choke.

The Mets battled Cole and he kept it close and let this team battle back and ruin the night for the Mets. The Phillies bullpen was dominant tonight lead by Chan Ho Park and then closed out by Ryan Madson.

Chase Utley wasn’t going to be denied and roped two balls out of the park to help spill a few tears into the beers of those Met fans. This was a total team effort in the field to keep this game where it was so the Phils would have a chance to win. Even Carlos Beltran helped out with a needless "I wanna show off and jump into the wall for the catch," but he forgot that you have to catch the ball and not just try to look pretty.

Jason Werth had THE game saving dive to keep the game going, and then in the next inning up stepped Chase Utley who smashed his second homer out of US-Tax Payer field to put the Phils ahead for the first time. Not to be outdone, Howard tried to go opposite field and in just about any other park his hit would be in the stands.

The story of the game is that our Manuel managed the game better and didn’t do anything that put the team in jeopardy. I always hate using your closer in a tie game at home and I’m glad that Jerry Manuel decided to do that. 

The loss is even better that now K-Rod looks like a fool for any celebrating that he did the night before.