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Out With the New


In a recent online chat with fans, GM Ed Stefanski was asked to confirm a rumor that has been buzzing around since January of this year. Are the Sixers going back to the old school logo and uniforms from the ‘82-‘83 championship era? Sixers- 80's unifromsStefanski replied, “No hints, but I'm an old school guy and you should be ready for an announcement about our logo on June 23rd.”

Ever since the second half of the ‘08-‘09 season, it’s been fairly obvious that the Sixers are indeed going back to the future. The old logo has slowly been replacing the current one on the website and on the scoreboards in the Wachovia Center during games.

From a merchandising standpoint it makes perfect sense. The old logo has so much history and nostalgia associated with it and immediately conjures up images of Charles Barkley grabbing rebounds, Mo Cheeks darting on the fast break and Dr. J flying through the air on a tomahawk dunk. There’s something about the current logo that just never resonated with the fan base. The classic red, white and blue logo just has a certain class and style about it that people are proud to associate themselves with.

Now, let’s flashback to a few other Sixers uniforms that I wouldn’t mind seeing unearthed for a game or two:


Sixers- 60's uniformsThe old “PHILA” jerseys from the Wilt the Stilt days, 1965-66 season.



Sixers- 76-77 UniformsThe Bi-Centennial uniforms from the 1976-77 season, designed by none other than Pat Williams, Al Domenico, Billy Cunningham in association with Sonder Levitt Advertising.



Sixers- 90's Uniforms

 But WHATEVER you do, please stay the hell away from these pieces of crap. The only thing worse than the Sixers record from ‘91-‘94 were these uniforms!