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Sixers Take A Holiday


The Sixers went into the 2009 NBA Draft with a very distinct plan. Their mission was to draft a true guard that will be able to quickly contribute to Nothing But Net Logotheir offensive formula and fill in the possible gaps if the departure of Andre Miller becomes a reality. Many of us had Ty Lawson pegged as the Sixers pick, instead of going with a 6 foot 3 inch stud out of UCLA Jrue Holiday.

Many of the experts, after the draft, had Holiday labeled as the “steal of the draft” with his ideal size as a guard and his intense defensive presence in the front court. He has a great basketball IQ and makes smart decisions when he has the ball. This would definitely be something we’d lose with Miller. He’s also very young which makes him the ideal player to develop into the program that Eddie Jordan is planning on executing.

Everything looks good on paper and on the college highlight reels, but the ultimate question is yet to be answered: Will he hold up in the NBA? Will he deliver what the Sixers are expecting from him? Or will we be sitting back midway through the season and wonder why we didn’t draft Ty Lawson (who has a pretty sweet opportunity going to Denver). All we can do now is sit back and hope that this Holiday will be one we celebrate for years to come.