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“Fantasy” Hoops…


Since we are still talking about the NBA draft I figured it would be fitting to bring up a crazy discussion that some of the folks here at P2P have Philadelphia's Michael Jordan?been talking about for a little while now.

This possibly could be one of the biggest “WHAT IF” situations in Philadelphia sports history and it deals with the infamous draft of 1984. On the Eve of Draft Day 1984, allegedly, Harold Katz called Rod Thorn of the Bulls and offered to trade Dr. J. for their number 3 pick which turned out to be Michael Jordan. Thorn refused the offer, the Bulls drafted Jordan, and the rest as we all know is history.

But let’s just get creative here for a moment and say that Mr. Thorn bit at the offer and took Dr.J (who was nearing the end of his career). Would it have been any different than Edmonton trading Wayne Gretzky after Edmonton won its fourth Stanley Cup? Truth be told, it probably wouldn't have been AS big. The Sixers would have gone on to pick Jordan, PLUS still select one Charles Barkley in the 5th spot… and to top it off decline their trade of the number one pick in 1986 (Brad Daughterty), and keep Moses Malone and Mo Cheeks. Yeah, go ahead and read that again.

The outcome of this could have meant global domination for the 76ers and the end of the NBA as we know it. Instead of everyone complaining that the Bulls once again won another title, they probably would be complaining about the Sixers. In Jordan’s rookie year with the Bulls he averaged 28.2 PPG, 6.5 RPG and 5.9 APG. In just 2 short seasons, he went from 28.2 to 37.1 PPG. Combine those stats with the Basketball IQ of Cheeks and the low post presence of Barkley and Malone, and you have a unstoppable wrecking machine programmed for one thing and one thing only: acquiring championship rings.

That’s not to say that Bird’s Celtics and Magic’s Lakers wouldn’t have given us a run for our money in the playoffs. Those 2 teams pretty much owned the league in the 80’s. But, coming off an NBA title the season before and acquiring the rookies Jordan and Barkley (who both would go on to become NBA immortals) would’ve given us the edge that no team would be able to stop. Championship rings would have been the rule and not the exception in Philadelphia, NOBODY would have been talking about a twenty-five year title drought, and for the first time ever, the Sixers franchise would probably be making money hand over fist with merchandising revenue. And to top matters, we'd probably still have our old logo instead of Ed Stefanski unveiling it like he did last week at that press conference. It's just our luck that TWO of our sports franchises in this town were set back for decades due to incompetent ownership.

Just the thought of this makes me want to travel back in time and help Harold Katz seal the deal with Rod Thorn.

Incredible photo replication of Michael Jordan: Matt Schetter