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Gut Check Time


This years Phillies team is quickly helping fans forget what happened last October and think more of this team as a squad of tin-men, shaking in the shadows with nothing beating in this teams collective chest.        

When teams start hitting our staff around when is someone going to pick up the ball and brush them off the plate? Make the other team earn that space on the plate and any hit they get. Why do the Phillies as a team insist on making average pitchers look like Cy Young?

Why do they refuse to take a pitch, work a count or choke up and flair anything into the outfield?

The top of the roster has too much speed and it seems that the only guy that isn’t too proud to work a count and get on base is Chase Utley. Rollins, Victorino and Werth should all be making a pitcher at least throw 3-4 pitches, but they seem content to take 1-2 pitches and roll a ball over into the infield or fly out. These three are too fast to not be doing anything it takes to get on base and then take second, but between those three it seems that they all want to just send the ball into the stands, it doesn’t always work that way guys.       

I want to see some of these players show some pride some fire and do something to turn this around, I want to see the other teams players getting brushed off the plate and this team just flat out hustle. Wake up and take note of what that thing is that should be beating in your chest, it’s your heart. Why is it that the only people showing passion and heart are Ricky Bo and LA? A radio and post game guy are the only ones that get it?

The GM and Manager need to take a long hard look at this team, I know a lot of guys are banged up and that happens to every team. But Coste, Bruntlet, Dobbs, Werth and Rollins need to start EARNING playing time. We have some talent in the minors and I want to see some of these kids playing up here in Philly. We have two guys in the minors in Dominic Brown and Michael Taylor. If both got the chance to play right now, we would probably not do any worse, could do much better, and would play with MORE heart then both our center and right fielders.

This team is just TOO good and should be 10 games up in the division, not in approaching a dogfight with the Mets and Marlins. Something needs to happen to shake this team up, wake them up and realize that winning a title last year only buys you so much time before the spotlight shines on you- in a bad way.

photo: www.mlbmilestone.com