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Strange Days


Who among us would think we would live to see the days that the Phillies would be one of the favorites for a return trip to the World Series; that we would be a desired destination for top tier talent; that we would be in a position to “out muscle” teams like the Red Sox and Yankees to land the best pitcher in baseball, and that we wouldn’t have to suffer through Eagles chants at baseball games? Not only that, but we have one of the highest payrolls in baseball, get to watch a once in a generation talent pool play together in the collective prime and have a packed house every night.

In the last week we have seen a media storm surrounding trades for “the beast” and now we hear baseball pundits talking about a suddenly deep farm system, and what players to include to get “the beast” in a Phils uniform. I happen to fall into the category of just get it done, “the beast” will destroy any AL team he faces.

“The beast” will from now on remain nameless until the trade deadline or when/IF the deal goes down. And then every Philles fan far and wide can celebrate that we landed “the beast”. And if that were to happen, on the faint chance that we land “the beast” and this team becomes the favorite to win the pennant again and possibly another ring - you may hear a faint explosion off in the distance, and that might well be our friend Joe Banner’s head exploding knowing that even MORE people will be wearing red and not green. And that the OTHER team has now won a possible second title while they are working on year 10 of that infamous “Five Year Plan.”