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Ruben finds his dance partner


The Dugout with Jesse LorenzWhile fans in the region are still getting over the Roy Halladay fiasco, we do have a pretty damn good player coming instead.

The Phillies got two players in return for Carlos Carrasco, Lou Marson, Jason Donald and Jason Knapp. A former Cy Young winner AND a right handed bat off the bench that can play in the outfield with a little pop in his bat. We filled two huge holes and didn't give up our top pitching prospect and our best two position players either. Eric Bruntlet is probably going to have to start packing his bags and get used to riding buses again, or flat out start looking for a new job. I hear they need lumberjacks in Canada so he has some career options.

If you look on the surface, some of the numbers Lee put up aren't as impressive as what Halladay has done, but that can be deceiving. His win-loss record isn't that good, but that is a team stat and the Indians are terrible. He DID go 22-3 and last year and was flat out dominant in winning the American League Cy Young Award. He has already had 3 complete games and 1 shutout this season with a 3.14 ERA, which will probably go down now that he doesn't have to deal with a DH (which was only put in because the AL was so bad at hitting the ball they needed to do something and now we have two leagues playing different rules.....cause that makes sense).

Lee has a 3.24K / BB ratio which is pretty damn good,he has given up less then a hit per inning pitched, and he averages 6.34 Ks per 9 IP. He is also a horse like Doc and will go deep into games which coming down the stretch is a huge factor. Yes, he is a lefty and the lineup now only has one right handed starter on the staff. Yes people say right handed batters hit rather well against him. However, I'm pretty sure he had to face one or two righties last year. He is 12-2 facing the National League with a .245 opp batting average in 22 starts. He has four pitches with a low 90's fastball, a nasty slider, curveball and a change up. His numbers aren't as good as Roy Halladay's. But nonetheless, his numbers are still pretty damn good. He is joining a staff that since July 2 has a ERA under 3 and will do nothing but help this team and the pitching staff.

The Phillies were already one of the favorites to win the National League. In a short series, this really positions them as a dominant team. On Tuesday night against Dan Haren, they showed that they are well capable of knocking out the other teams dominant starter. Cliff Lee may not be Doc, but I'll take him for what the team sent back to the Indians. Acquiring Lee immediately improves the team's staff. Moreover, the future wasn't mortgaged, and now you don't have to worry about not offering arbitration to Joe Blanton next season. That could be just as crucial for next year, because the Phillies are the favorites for this year AND probably next season as well.

photo: www.umpbump.com