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Trade Talk for Halladay Heats Up


The DugoutThe Jays GM has finally decided to listen to trade offers for Roy Halladay, who is arguably the best pitcher in the game right now. To hear that the Phillies are actively looking into a trade like this is also very exciting and a welcome change from what the fans of the team have been used to in the past.

To say that Halladay is a horse is an understatement. In 2009, he has compiled a 10-2 record , 98 strikeouts, and 3 complete games this year (43 in his career). Not only is a horse, Halladay would really help give the back end of the bullpen a much needed rest down the stretch.

It has already been reported that the Jays had a scout in Philly watching the team play during this home stand. Were they watching J.A. Happ? Or someone like Jayson Werth? Most likely Happ, who is probably going to be a target at this time because he is a pitcher and he doesn’t make much money.

To lose Happ would be tough for this year. While replacing him with Halladay is a upgrade, you would then have a hole in your rotation again. But some of the other targets that would have to be a potential center piece in any deal would be top prospects such as Kyle Drabek and Michael Taylor. Taylor is hot off a Player of the Month Award in the Eastern League and is just MASHING down in the minors. Dominic Brown is the better prospect, but all Taylor has done for over a year now is just keep on hitting the cover off the ball. Drabek has the potential to be a strong pitcher in the majors with a 2.58 ERA, a strikeout per inning pitched, and one complete game in the minors. One of these two players is going to be a target in any deal.

The Phils players have said "go get this guy and lets win another title!" I want it to happen too, but you have to also look at the other side of the coin. These prospects would be under the control of the Phillies for around 6 years. You have to try and get your guy, but now you have to clean the shelves along the way. Minor league prospects Lou Marson, Jason Donald, Carlos Carrasco and Joe Savery can be tossed in any deal for Halladay. However, if we have a way to keep Taylor, Brown and Drabek, I would loose my mind if we can do that and get the Doc. I don’t think you give away a strong power arm in Drabek, so that leaves the outfield tandem that I REALLY want to see in Philly. Do you give up the more highly touted player in Brown, or the player that looks right now to be closer to being ready for the show.

Either way it gives you one hell of a one-two punch with Hamels and Halladay. With a consistent Joe Blanton as your number three starter, it gives this team a much needed additional right handed pitcher to break up the rotation. For the right mix of players, this deal can happen. And if it would make us the favorites to win the National League and play for another title, that would be one hell of a ride.

What more can you really ask for as a Phillies fan?

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