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Eagles Defy Logic and Sign Michael Vick


It's official. Our Philadelphia Eagles have signed Michael Vick or as some would have you believe, Public Enemy #1.

When the news broke, I was deluged, literally, with people wanting to know my thoughts. I told them what I will all of you.
Now before I explain why, let me tell you that I am one to come down and come down hard on the Eagles in the past for various indiscretions, most recently for the Brian Dawkins debacle.
So for me to "sing their praises" if you will, speaks volumes.
But love this move I do and here's why:
The Eagles recognized the fact that Michael Vick is arguably a once-in-a-lifetime talent and their goal is to win football games. Period. They also, I'm quite sure, did their due diligence and spoke to many people close to Michael, most notably Tony Dungy, who has been serving as Vick's personal advisor.
A man with more integrity and decency than Tony Dungy you will not find so for him (Dungy) to align himself with someone with such a sordid past as Vick, and then speak on his behalf has to tell you a lot. What it tells me is that Michael Vick is surrounding himself with the right kind of people.
Now I know as the signing was being announced there were factions who were planning for battle, most notably PETA - The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. I'm sure protests are being planned, OR have been planned in the event Vick signs with an NFL team.
To those who will protest I say 'remember the fact Michael Vick did his time, paid his debt to society, serving 23 months in jail for his crimes -- which, let's make sure there's no mistake about it, were deplorable, despicable and heinous.   
But this is America, kids. This is the land of 2nd chances. So why should Michael Vick be any different? And before you come at me with "your just saying that cause he signed with the Eagles" retort... know that I would be saying this no matter which team he signed with.
Let me ask all Philly sports fans a question:
What did you think when you first heard the news that Phils pitcher Brett Myers had assaulted his wife a few years ago? Were you furious? Were you angry?
Of course you were.
But did you also welcome him back with open arms?
Of course you did.
This is not the real world, people. This is professional sports. I say that because if you or I do what Michael Vick did, we're not getting our job back.
But that's because you and I are replaceable.
Michael Vick is a professional athlete with a skill that very few people on the planet have.
One final question Eagles fans.
If Michael Vick were available but did not have a prison record, meaning he was a free agent, would you want the Eagles to sign him? Do you think he can help the Eagles win a Super Bowl?
If you honestly would not want the Eagles to sign him because you do not think he can help them win, fine. I can respect and live with that. You don't think he's a very good football player? That's fine.
But if you are basing your dislike for this move solely on his actions off the field, you better be prepared to hold ALL athletes on ALL your teams to that same standard.

 photo: www.scrapetv.com