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Sixers Sign Brezec


By now, you might be sick and tired of hearing how Michael Vick signed with the Eagles. Allow me to swoop in (pardon the pun) for a minute and update you with the Sixers signing of free agent Primoz Brezec.

Brezec, from Solvenia, is a seven year veteran who was originally the 27th overall pick in the first round of the 2000 NBA Draft by Indiana. In 321 games with Indiana, Charlotte, Detroit and Toronto combined, he averaged 7.6 points, 4.1 rebounds in 19.0 minutes per game, shooting 50% from the floor and a little over 70% from the line. He spent last year playing over seas for Lottomatica Virtus Roma of the Italian League. At 7’1”, 255 pounds, he will definitely provide an inside presence that the mediocre-sized Sixers squad so desperately needs.

“We feel that Primoz will provide us with additional size and depth in the front court, but just as beneficial is the wealth of experience he brings to the team not only on the NBA level, but internationally as well,” GM Ed Stefanski said. And more importantly, it throws up a pretty obvious warning sign to Sammy D. One can only hope that Brezec out performs Sammy both on and off the court so we can finally kick Sammy to the curb.

Again, this isn’t “BREAKING NEWS” and isn’t the greatest signing known to man, but for all those Sammy D haters out there, this pickup may come to you as a breath of fresh air and will produce nothing but good things for the Sixers down in the paint. And lets face it, ANYTHING is better than what we are getting from Sammy D. My only concern is how he will adapt to the run-and-gun style offense that the Sixers are more than likely going to run this year.

Of course, the Sixers track record with 7 footers has not been very good…

To wit:

Manute Bol – Thanks for the 6 three pointer against the Suns, that was amazing.

Shawn Bradley – I’m not even going there. Total waste of time, energy and money.

Dikembe Mutombo – Too little too late bro.

We can only hope Berzec doesn’t follow in their disappointing footsteps.