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What about Michael Vick?



By Frank LeMaster  

Eagles Great Frank LeMasterWill the Eagles addition of Michael Vick boost the Eagle’s offensive firepower or be a huge disruption that ruins the Eagles chemistry as they try to break the NFC championship glass ceiling and finally return to the Super Bowl? Only time will tell. 

One year from now we will know what, if anything, Michael Vick has added to the offense, and if he has emerged to be one of the leaders of the team. But it will take many years to verify if he is sincere in repenting and trying to pay back to society for all of his unspeakable acts of violence and death to animals. 

Even though Vick has paid his criminal debt with jail time and has lost a fortune of wealth, I struggle very hard to approve of his comeback as I have been a dog and pet owner for over half of my life. But I am a firm believer that everyone should have a second chance to change their persona and live the most productive life they can. I am a baby boomer from the heyday of the 60’s and 70’s when our battle cry was “All we are asking is to give peace a chance.” Well, all I am asking to those of you who are skeptics is to “Give Vick a chance” 

Eagles and Vick prepare for Jaguars preseason game 

You normally will not hear me comment on the Eagles or any NFL preseason game. Why? Because they are the biggest rip off games in all of professional sports and events. All season tickets holders are forced to buy preseason tickets and the fans only get to see the starters play occasionally. This is not entertainment – this is only a glorified scrimmage. By the way…. don’t the Eagles also make fans pay to watch training camp? Now that is the essence of real greed, courtesy of the NFL owners thank you very much.  

And speaking of training camp, boy has it changed since when I played for the Eagles 1974-83! Believe it or not, back in the day we played 6 preseason games, and were in training camp for 5 brutal weeks before going home, especially with Coach Vermeil where we rarely practiced in shorts and headgear and could not wait for our first game, mostly because they had to give us rest before the first season game! I am totally miffed when I hear about the players of today whining about training camp. I truly believe that the teams of today only need 2 pre-season games before the season opener. 

But since Vick is making his debut, I couldn’t resist in commenting on the upcoming game against the Jaguars. The Eagles will play Vick a little but not a lot, some snaps at QB and probably some snaps at other positions and ease him back into playing shape. 

I am sure when Michael is walking down the tunnel for the game many thoughts will be running through his mind. I hope one of them will be how thankful he is that Coach Reid and Jeffrey Laurie are giving him a second chance to start a new life. I am sure there are those of you who are hoping that Vick fail, but keep in mind one thing – the best way Michael can help the pet and animal community is to succeed in his second life and to keep the media focused on animal cruelty.

Not only now, but for many years to come.