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Five Forgettable Games for the Phillies


The last week of games have been rather forgettable for the phans to deal with watching. In five games they have managed to score a whopping eight runs with 37 total base hits in that same span of time. In that same time they have been shut out twice and haven’t scored more then three runs in those five games. To really get a handle of how bad they have been playing lets look at each game at a glance.

Wednesday July 29 @ Arizona: 4-0

In this game the Phillies got seven hits and managed to get a runner to second base twice, and when they had men on base they could rarely even get a fly out deep enough to advance a runner on the base paths.

Thursday July 30 @ Giants: 7-2

This game the Phillies were able to score two runs and get five hits off a pitcher that at the time had four wins and a 4.49 ERA. In the third inning with a chance to tie the game, Jimmy Rollins gets to second and then steals third base. The three batters behind him

failed to get the ball out of the infield to strand Jimmy at third. That was the last time a Phillies player was on of any real threat on the base paths.

Saturday August 1 @ Giants: 2-0

The Phillies faced Tim Lincecum in this game and Joe Blanton held up his end of the bargain with another strong outing. But in this game he probably needed to score some of his own runs as they managed nothing but seven hits. The Phillies managed to get a runner to third twice and also managed to do nothing with it both times.

Sunday August 2 @ Giants: 7-3

The Phillies got nine hits and three runs off Barry Zito and were busy making him look like a dominant pitcher- not the thief that stole from the Giants. If you remove the two frames that the Phillies scored a run in they only got a man to second base one other time....In seven innings of work they managed to only get a runner to second once in that time.

Tuesday August 4 @ Colorado: 8-3

In this game the Phillies were counting on Jamie Moyer to help stop this skid, he went 5 innings and gave up six runs and six hits. Just when the phillies got the close the game was blown back open. In the third the phillies had the bases loaded with two outs and failed to get any men home and that became the story of this game. They again, were only able to score runs in two games. When you get nine hits you HAVE to get more then three runs.

When the Phillies were playing dominant ball, they were working deep counts and making the opposing pitcher work to get outs. Because they were able to do that, it knocked the starters out of the game faster and put pressure on the other teams bullpen. In this skid they have struggled to do any of those things, and it shows in the box scores.

(AP Photo/H. Rumph Jr.)