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Phillies Fail to Add to Bench,Quintin Demps Rants


I've been talking about this for weeks, and last night truly felt like the "good ol' days." You know, similar to but not quite the same as the days of pre-championships, when the Phillies couldn't make that extra move to just put them in wild card contention.......

The Phillies failed to improve their bench for the post season. Ruben Amaro has done a great job during 2009, but he truly dropped the ball here.  The Phillies bench, most likely THE weakest when compared to the other playoff contenders, has not been improved all season, and may be the weakest all-time bench for a contending Phillies team. Miguel Cairo was so bad, he was sent down, but now he's back again.  John Mayberry discovered (and didn't like) the curve ball. Greg Dobbs has suffered his worst campaign since joining the Phillies, Matt Stairs has been hitless since July.  Ben Fransisco is our best and only safe bet off the bench.  I won't even mention Eric Bruntlett here.

What is sooo bad about the Phillies that Nomar Garciaparra would not come here for one month for a chance to win a ring? You mean to tell me that Charlie Manuel couldn't pull some strings to possibly get Jim Thome back here as a pinch hitter?  Oddly enough, we are paying his salary already this year. I realize that would have left you with two players who have difficulty in the field (Stairs, Thome), but are we really using these guys for their leather?  A deadline player like Stairs helped the team win it all last year.  I know this is a big stretch here, but NOBODY picked up Geoff Jenkins all season.  At least he is a proven veteran. The team is paying his salary too!   There was no player like Michael Tucker available? Not even a Jose Hernandez?  A Philly killer like Jeff Conine?  Not Hall of Famers by any stretch, but at least these guys were proven veterans that Pat Gillick and even Ed Wade could acquire back in the day as August came to a close. And if money was an "issue," that is an insult.  If the Phillies, who have sold out almost every game this year, were "too cheap" to pick up an extra bat, shame on them. I'm sorry, but they dropped the ball here. Big time.  Going into September with your bench,closer, and possibly your setup man as three of the team's biggest question marks is not very encouraging. The team then added fuel to the fire and recalled Jack Taschner, a nice guy who basically has no business whatsoever pitching in the majors.

I can see it now: bottom of the seventh inning of Phils vs. Yankees. Bases loaded. Phils down by a run, and Bruntlett comes to the plate..............

Chances are he wouldn't get a hit anyway, because the Phillies hitting with runners on base is yet another question mark.

And then there's Quintin Demps.  The Eagles second year safety emphasizes that he "would have probably worked extra" if he knew it would have taken this long before he won the starting job.  With his henous comments, Demps is a typical representation of the unproven, self-serving athlete who is under the impression that everything is owed to him simply because of his athletic "prowess."  Now I realized I just took a shot at their brass, but can you even imagine a player on the Phillies uttering something this absurd? The Phillies may or may not repeat, but the difference between the Phils and Eagles is that Chase Utley would most likely have shoved his spikes so far up Demps' posterior that he probably would miss the entire season.  Last time I checked, the dust hasn't cleared from Larry Fitzgerald burning Demps multiple times last January.  Have no fear, however.  The Eagles, as always, will figure things out. As evidenced by all of their championship hardware...............

Where is Izel Jenkins when you need to crack a joke?


photo: www.mitchgoldich.com