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NFL Power Rankings Week 2-Eagles are number 3


It’s only been one week and chances are some of the teams you see at or near the top of the NFL Rankings will not be there come the end of the year or as early as next week.  

Since no one really cares about teams 11-32, here are my Top 10 after Week 1 of the 2009 NFL Season.  

1. Steelers. “To be the man, you have to beat the man.” – Ric Flair

2. Giants. You were expecting the Patriots, right? Many “experts” have them ranked #2 or even #1. Sorry, you struggle to beat the team you’re supposed to beat you don’t deserve a top ranking.

3. Eagles. Did you see what that nimrod John Clayton wrote about the Eagles? “By going for a meaningless fifth TD against the Panthers, Donovan McNabb fractured his ribs and the Eagles' season.” I’m sorry John, I thought you played until the game was over and the last time I checked, it’s only Week 1 so perhaps you went a little overboard with your fatalistic comment, huh?

4. Vikings. AP is God.

5. Chargers. I know, I know they too struggled against a team they’re supposed to beat just like the Pats did but it’s the Patriots, it’s Bellichick. You have to root against them, don’t you?

6. Patriots. Ok, I’ve let them suffer long enough.
7. Colts. Tough game over a divisional foe. That always counts for something.

8. Titans. One loss does not a season make, especially one against the defending Super Bowl champs on the road.

9. Falcons. You know what you can do with your sophomore slump. Matt Ryan is for real kids.

10. Jets. ESPN has them ranked 16th? Oh wait, they’re experts. What am I thinking?

Photo by:  http://media.egotvonline.com