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NFL Power Rankings Week 3


Here's the Week 3 NFL Rankings. The REAL Week 3 NFL Rankings. Just in case you forgot.

Once again, I will spare you the pain of teams ranked higher than #10 because, as I wrote last week in this spot -  no one really cares about them. (previous week's ranking in parenthesis)

1. Giants (2). Sorry Eagles' fans, but right now, the New York Giants deserve to be ranked #1. Lord did I hate writing that.

2. Jets (10). Two wins against two potential playoff teams in the Texans and Pats. And you have to love Rex Ryan. I know I do.

3. Steelers (1). Two, not one, but two Jeff Reed misses at crucial stages of the game. You may never see that again.

4. Saints (N/A). Perhaps too much of a leap from out of the top 10 to #4, but... Lord almighty this team is fun to watch.

5. Falcons (9). You know what, Tony Gonzalez is all washed up. Clearly the Eagles don't need him.

6. Colts (7). Tell me again how you win a game where the other team has the ball 3 times as long as you do? Oh yeah, Peyton Manning. Duh.

7. Vikings (4). First game of their regular season is this week vs. the Niners. Lions and Browns simply do not count.

8. Ravens (N/A). The Ravens have an offense. All these years, who knew?

9. Niners (N/A). You want to tell Mike Singletary he doesn't deserve such a high ranking? Didn't think so.

10. Eagles (3). You're never as good as your best game. You're never as bad as your worst. Keep repeating that. Helps get you through the day.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. Today's the Autumnal Equinox. Happy first day of fall everyone! And happy birthday to my much, much, much (did I say much) better half - my wife Terri.