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Sixers Unveil Their New Uniforms, But Will They Play Better?


"Nothing But Net" logo by Matt SchetterHello there Philly. It’s been a little while since my last article, but we all know that this off-season has been a dry and bit disheartening one for the Sixers. One cannot help but to think that the Sixers are in for a very long and hard road of rebuilding. Not only rebuilding the team to become true competitors for an NBA crown, but also rebuilding the faith of the Philadelphia fans. There is a black cloud of doubt and disappointment that’s rapidly forming over the front office these days. But one thing has been certain for both the Sixers and their fans: Win or lose, this young, (hopefully) blossoming roster is definitely going to be fun to watch. One thing however is guaranteed: If this team does flop, at least they’ll look good doing it.

The 76ers held a press conference Wednesday to officially show off their new uniforms to the public. Thaddeus Young and Elton Brand were on hand modeling the new threads. Elton came out wearing the white home jerseys with blue trim and lettering. The numbers however, are in red. The shorts rock the old school logo at bottom. Young modeled the red away uniform with white lettering and numbering.

Along with going back to the old retro logo a few months back, these uniforms bring back the spirit of the 76ers that was lost over the last 12 to 15 years. The classic style layout with red white and blue color scheme reintroduces the glory years that everyone in this city is dying to get back to seeing with this team. I only hope that the same type of spirit is reflected on the court this upcoming season. Elton Brand was asked how he felt going into this season after missing almost the entire last season with a costly shoulder injury. He claims he’s feeling good and is on the right track to be back on the court for the start of the regular season.

From a merchandising perspective, these new jerseys are going to be a gold mine. An entire new line of clothes was released around the retro logo. These new jerseys are just the cherry on the sundae when it comes to putting your new Sixers gear together. Most people still wore their old retro Sixers shirts to games over the old nineties logo, so everyone will be jumping on the new old school apparel. Sixers rookie Jrue Holiday shows off the team's new uniiforms.

But the bottom line still remains. Ed and the boys can switch the logo as many times as they want, all this positive energy from their team face lift has to pay off on the court with wins. If not, this city will quickly forget how cool the they look. They will only remember how bad they played. Image only gets you so far. I am still concerned how Elton Brand is going to work his way back into this young, fast paced offense. And is Lou Williams really ready to lead this squad at the point?

In a move that recently flew under the radar, the Sixers brought back Rodney Carney. Now I know he’s not the greatest thing since sliced bread. I’m not saying it’s like we just signed Dwayne Wade but – Carney is a fiery, athletic player that puts up solid bench numbers night in and night out. His fast-paced style of play will hopefully fit right into the system that Coach Jordan is planning on executing with this young roster. The return of Rodney Carney strengthens our bench and also rounds out the chemistry of the current lineup.

And last but not least, we can't overlook another piece of interesting news.......

Former Sixer Allen Iverson has worked out a deal with the Memphis Grizzlies. I think this is excellent news in my opinion simply for the fact that Iverson went to another team BESIDES the Sixers. I know there are still a ton of A.I. supporters in the Philly area who would love to see him back in a Sixers uniform, but the Allen Iverson era should stay with those 90’s looking uniforms – in the closet. Allen Iverson has been, is, and will ALWAYS be only about Allen Iverson –and that’s something that this young squad does not need in their rebuilding process. He had his chance in Philly and he couldn’t get it done. The killer cross over isn’t soo killer anymore.

Memphis, he’s your problem now, not your answer.