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Frank LeMaster previews the Eagles vs Chiefs


Eagles Give the Game Away to the Saints... Look Forward to Vick’s NFL Debut       Former Eagle Frank LeMaster

In Week 2 of the 2009 NFL season, the Eagles penalties, mental mistakes and lack of focus led to the 48-22 shellacking by the Saints. Period. Even if Donovan McNabb was playing, the Eagles would have not fared much better. Despite terrible field position the entire day… courtesy of the special team play, Kevin Kolb’s  first game as a starter  was adequate and he played well enough to win, but all in all the Eagles had a…very, very bad hair day.

Vicks Anticipated return… Just in time

With McNabb out and Brian Westbrook hampered by his surgically repaired ankle, Michael Vick’s return to the NFL this week should help restore the Eagles offensive firepower against the winless Kansas City Chiefs and get the Eagles back in the win column. In the Eagles first two games it has been evident that Andy Reid has been grooming his offense to utilize Vick and DeSean Jackson in the Wildcat position which is designed to confuse the defense and create scoring opportunities for the Eagles.

For those of you who are scratching your heads and asking: What exactly is a Wildcat position?... The Wildcat position is a highly talented and skilled offensive player who can line up in a running back, flanker, wide receiver, fullback or tight end position. They have the ability to run or pass the ball, forcing the defense to be make continuous adjustments. I anticipate Coach Reid will be very creative in his play calling this week and often use Vick as a decoy to open up other types of big play opportunities. You may even see Vick running an option series in short yardage and goaline situations or, how about using Vick as a fullback on the punt team?

The Chiefs defense will have to spend a lot time in preparation this week to come up with defenses that keep Vick in check. I look for Kevin Kolb to play a solid game and with the help of the “Vick Factor” beat the Chiefs. One thing for sure is that the entire stadium will be a buzz with Vick’s return… I predict that Michael will not disappoint us.

Eagles 27     
Chiefs 10