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NFL Power Rankings Week 4


Ok, ok… some of my Top 10 teams from last week didn’t exactly play like Top 10 teams. Sue me.

I can’t be an international model AND a fabulous football prognosticator, can I?Unecessary Toughness Logo

1. Giants (1). Do you get the feeling the “other Bucs” as in Pirates would offer more resistance than the Tampa Bay Bucs?

2. Jets (2). There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that Mark Sanchez will be doing a commercial for pantyhose. Leggings, maybe.

3. Saints (4). They beat up on the hapless Bills and TO’s not happy. Wow. I’m shocked.

4. Vikings (7). Dear Lord, tell me that was not Greg Lewis making that incredibly athletic catch as time expired.

5. Colts (6). Cardinals may be shot and my it’s such a great thing that I have Fitzgerald AND Boldin on my fantasy team.

6. Ravens (8). Is this a typo? The Ravens have the second-best offense of 430.3 yards per game.

7. Patriots (N/A). They beat a very good, solid Falcons team handily.

8. Chargers (N/A) No LT, no problem vs. the quickly-fading Fish.

9. Packers (N/A). In Minnesota on Monday Night against #4. Let’s see how they rank this time next week.

10. Broncos. This HAS to be a typo. Their defense, thanks in no small part I’m sure to a certain former Eagles safety, have allowed a league-low 13 points through three games.